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harwich oly race report

been wanting to post my race reports on the cowman and harwich but couldnt as i couldnt sign in. anywho, long story short, i've registered with a new name so i can do it (see other thread!)
right, first of all i treated myself to a new bike for my 30th birthday, i bought a white planet x stealth pro carbon. i bought the frame and all the bits and pieces seperately so i could spec it exactly how i wanted and i actually saved myself a bit of money. i also thought it would be good to know exactly how it all fits together so i can service thi bike myself.

the night before harwhich olympic distance race i was still spannering away until 10.30! i had managed to sneak in a quick safety test ride before it got dark and was just finishing of small bits like bar tape and checking the brakes. the race started at 10 so i was up at 6 to leave for 7. the swim went well, i was 6th or 7th out the water. this was my first race of the season and i'd forgotten my bodyglide (doh) and i then proceeded to spend about 5 minutes in transition trying to get my wetsuit off (i swear its also shrunk since last year, it was very tight across the midriff). eventually managed to squeeze myself out of it (i wasnt amused by the spectator behind me who was commentating on how difficult i was making it look). so out on the bike and i thought i could make up some time, m,ove down the rear cog a bit, try to shift into the big cog on the front and an almighty noise came from the chainring and it wouldnt shift. i was very angry, not to mention even more embarrassed. i was riding my beautiful new bike, grinding and screeching and being passed by all and sundry. they were probably thinking what a plonker i was riding such a nice bike so slowly! so no gears, but i didnt give up. the ride took 20 minutes longer than last year, but on a positive, i managed to finish and i took the run nice and steady and finished that in 50 minutes, so i took 2 hours 47, i havent taken that long for an oly for over 4 years! was very disappointed but i've takent he experience away and learned from it. or have i? my cowman race report will show i didnt!

so overall impressions of the race? swim was lovely, the water was nice and flat with just a gentle swell, but sighting was still tough as the lighthouse that you turn around is a long way off! i normally swim pretty straight but think i was zigzagging a lot due to the swell. transition was well set up, ride route was nice, but i think couldve done with some more marshalls on the way back, i thought id got lost for a 5 minute stretch as there was no-one around! run route was lovely along the promenade and just 1 steep downhill to make the legs ache. everyone was realy friendly and helpfull, had a bit of banter with the lady at the run turnaround. but best of all was the finishers top, last year it was just an ordinary t-shirt, this year a proper puma technical top that i will wear with pride!


  • McKennaMcKenna Posts: 12
    nice one if u did the turn around when there was two people there i was one of them
    well done btw you are the first person to say the run was nice
  • gdh250467gdh250467 Posts: 237
    Well done, and a good report. I wear all my T shirts with pride.
  • gdh, i do wear all my finishers tops with pride, from sprint distance all the way up to ironman, each one is like a badge of honour for me, it's just this one was really nice, i probbaly wont ever train in it!

    and mckenna, i think there was only one lady there?? dont remember i was too busy hurting! so sorry, dont think i saw you. i did enjoy the run though, i think it's a brilliant course. did you do the saturday sprint? if so, how was it? do you swim in the sea or the pool for the sprint?
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