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Anyone use Total Fitness in Newcastle Under Lyme?

As the title says............Anyone use Total Fitness in Newcastle Under Lyme????


  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    Its on the A34 which goes from the town centre roundabout with the Vue cinema, morrisons on all the way to Trentham and then onto Stone......... I would imagine Stoke City use at as its the biggest gym in town I think???? Oh yeh its near Tesco too.... Does that help??
  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    If the emails I get from TF Chester are anything to go by, TF are struggling and really desperate for new members. There could be scope for you to get a good deal.
  • LimeycatLimeycat Posts: 29
    Haven't been to Total Fitness myself, but have heard from several people that it's a bit grubby. Pool looks good as you go past on the A34 tho!

    I'm a member at Greens, next to Britannia Stadium (I think this might be the one that Conehead meant, just off the A50). It's pretty friendly and well equipped - only downside for me is that the pool is set on an angle, so it's a parallelogram (sp?), rather than rectangular, which can make flip turns a bit interesting sometimes! But having said that, it's the only gym I've ever stuck with for longer than 6 months, so they must be doing something right!

    Maybe worth a look, Hussler, if you're not too far away? And if you like it and let me recommend you, I'll donate the £20 "member get member" fee to charity...
  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    OOO are you in Stoke/newcastle then???

    Iv joined TF now, it seems quite good, Ill only really be using the pool and spin bikes, in off season ill be using free weights...only pay £30 a month and thats for everything and as I swim minimum of 4 times a week it pays for itself within 2 weeks:)

    If your local let me know and we can maybe meet up for some outdoor sessions:)

    I live 2mins away from the New Vic Theatre on basford bank....
  • LimeycatLimeycat Posts: 29
    THIRTY QUID?!? Flipping heck, I could maybe put up with a bit of grime for a £16 a month discount on what Greens fleece me for!! I may just have to check TF out when I come up for renewal in November...

    I live in Trentham Lakes, so I'm not a million miles away in distance, but having just read your article on Tri247, I fear I'm absolute light years behind you in terms of ability!

    But if (no, "WHEN") I get a new bike sorted, I might take you up on the meet suggestion, but be warned that any training session that I could keep up with *really* wouldn't give you much of a challenge.....
  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    Yeh thats cool, any session is a good one and you only get better by pushing yourself past what your used to, so maybe coming out with me I may be able to push you a little bit and hopefully you will improve!

    How do you get around paying to get into the lakes everytime you leave home then?? as you say you live in the lake! lol:)

    pm me and well swap details etc:)
  • TripeHoundTripeHound Posts: 11
    Hi Hussler & Limeycat.....I'm being really cheeky ...but I too live in Stoke for my sins (Lightwood)....can I gatecrash the party?

    Could this become the Stoke wing of Sir Conehead's club?

    Are either of you doing Trentham?


  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    Hey Tripehound...

    Yeh no worries!! more the merrier!
    Im not doing Trentham as its too close to the LD Europeans for me... Its a good race though, I did it last year. Fast course. Ill be looking to doing it next year:)

    PM me and we can sort something out......
  • Hey, i live in Newcastle and back from uni for the summer. Did any of those sessions happen? what kind of distances do you all do?
  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    Hey hey

    No sessions actually got organised....

    I do all distances.... focussing on long stuff though.

    Where abouts in newcastle are you? PM me:)
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