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Brick Sessions?

Sorry for my ignorance but can someone explain brick sessions and when they are best employed?




  • jazdogjazdog Posts: 223
    Brick sessions are any training session where you do more than one of the disciplines of tri, e.g swim then bike or swim then run or bike then run etc. You should tri and incorporate a bike/run into your training as much as once a week if you're not doing much racing. This'll get your legs used to that rubbery feeling when you get off the bike.

    So next time you do a tempo ride on the bike (or reasonably hard effort), go for a quick run (15/20 mins). Do this once a week and you won't feel like a jellyfish coming out of T2!
  • Thanks for that. Do spinning sessions count (in winter for example) or is it only really valid if you actually get out on the bike?
  • bike is bike wether it be road, spinning, track or even turbo trainer ..... the pupose of a brick is to prepare the body for transition between each of the activities ...... idealyy throw a bike to run in at leasy every other week if not weekly. good practise would be to throw a 5km run str8 after your long bike. [:D]
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