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Run, road or trail . . .

I'm relatively new to running, and spent my initial months pounding the pavements, but then came across a slight off road element in an early race, and struggled. Since then I've generally avoided the roads and been off road running throught the local trails, and what a revelation. Clean air, hills and wildlife. However, although I feel my general stamina has improved, and I'm able to deal with all terrains, I'm not sure whether my overall speed will have been affected. Racing on the weekend at London, which is flat and concrete / tarmac, will I notice a difference?


  • Im SpartacusIm Spartacus Posts: 204
    I hope your right, as I adopted the same strategy. I'm hoping that all the hills have acted like a form of interval training. The main advantage though is that I don't get anywhere near as bored as I do road running.
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Here we go

    ff road running/trail is great for your joints and will trengthen your ankles and core. Its all down to the aglesinwhich ou will be running and the difference in stride due to lumps and bumps in t track.field.

    I never ran on the oad till last year when i started doing 10K and other races.
    If off road is your ting tere are some great runs you can do instead of competeive 10K's.

    Hill repaets off road are good to.

    So your question - ou should see an improvement in speed due the terrain. it wont be that much but about 5 mins over 5K i would havehought.

    stick to off road for training and save your joints.

    Good luck @ London
  • TRIumphantTRIumphant Posts: 850
    I hope you're right Blinky. So far I've been trail running for 2-3
    months and knocked about 2 1/2 mind of my 5 k time. So I hope you're right about the 5 mins. Keep you posted
  • YeppahYeppah Posts: 15
    I agree - mostly...

    Off road is good for joints and core etc, no doubt.
    BUT if you´re planning on racing any further then 5K on tarmac/concrete,
    I would add some hard surface training as well!

    In my experience your legs will give you hell if you don´t...
  • TRIumphantTRIumphant Posts: 850
    It's not purely trail. Probably 1 km at start and end on tarmac paths etc to get their and get back. Also do a 5k Parkrun race every Saturday am which is tarmac and flat all the way. So there is a mix. Seems to be working so far. But good news that most seem to think it'll be a benefit. also doing a 1/2 Marathon in October so need to up the distance as well.
  • YeppahYeppah Posts: 15
    Ah, In that case it seems all good

    When I was training for my half marathons I tried to keep the long-distance sessions on gravel and tarmac, but all the other running off road. Worked just fine for me!
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