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OW gogles . . .

I generally use AquaSphere Kayenne goggles for swimming, but am tempted by the SealXP mask for OW swimming, as it generally seems more suited to it. Is this right, or will the Kayennes suffice?


  • iadamaiadama Posts: 60
    I can't speak for the Kayenne's, but I use Seal XPs for OW swimming as well as pool swimming and love them. I wear contact lenses so I need something that seals securely and is reliable, and have never once had an issue with them letting in water, and only very very rarely do they fog (I don't use the anti-mist stuff yet, but may do as I enter more events). Visibility is great too.
  • iadamaiadama Posts: 60
    Scratch that - I've just checked and I've got the AquaSphere Crystal, not the XP, so the above applies to them instead!
  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    I use SealXPs for OWS. Good seal & visibility. I also wear contact lenses. Have found that anti-fog spray is needed after a few swims though.

    Keep your swim hat away from the mask itself or it can put pressure on the top part of the seal whilst reducing it around the nose & cheeks so letting in water. Ended up with some leakage at Strathclyde - the first time.
  • moonshinemoonshine Posts: 335
    my SEAL XPs are a tad tempermental and leak if not perfectly positioned but when they are are fab - have just tried HAT officers Seal and realised tht they're smaller than my XPs so fit my face better - blue goggles dear no dea where they've gone, not see them for ages
  • doogledoogle Posts: 58
    I use Speedo rifts for open water, never seem to get a review in the mags but find they never leak and hardly steam up. good value and easy to get hold of (jjb sell them).

    haven't used them in the pool as i would feel a bit of a plonker in mask type goggles (also worried about contamination of the pool from lake water - I'm a pool manager)
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