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89 cm seat height?? Am I a freak?

I want to buy a new bike, so went for a bike fitting. The guy in my LBS told me that my legs are too long -
or my upper body is too short!

I am 6'5 and was told that I need a 89 cm height. Looked at a Madone 5.2 with a 62 cm frame, but could only get to a max of 86.5 cm even with the extended seat mast at 160 mm.

Has anybody got an idea how a 61 cm Specialized Tarmac would do? Does an extremely long seat post exists that would compensate?

Anybody else out there with a similar issue?


  • Where do you live ?

    I too am a bit on the lanky side, 6ft 3 with technically a 36 inch inside leg..... I have a spec allez elite - went to bridgetown cycles not long ago and Mike told me what was wrong with my XXL frame.

    Go and see him, Christ he'll even build you a custom fit bike. He won't bullshit you either and he has a massive recommendation from bods on this board and others. Well respected bloke.

    People like us struggle with off the peg kit - go and see Him , cheaper than you think ( maybe less than a standard off the peg bike.
  • just2trijust2tri Posts: 198
    Thanks, I have heard lots of good stuff about Bridgetown - Conehead and all! I live in Surrey, so for me that's a trip and a half .... looks like I have not many other options.
  • Mate I live in Surrey,near Walton on the Hill - know it ? 3 miles from Box hill

    It is well worth the 2 and half hour drive up to Bridgetown believe me.

    Mike will make you a coffee/tea grab a biscuit and tell you all you need to know.

    No hard sell and 100% great advice.

    I really can't recommend it enough. I am going back there soon to do a bit of shopping and pick up my bike , I can let you know when I am going and your more than welcome to grab a lift.
  • gingertrigingertri Posts: 277
    Ben - you'll have to put a pic up on when you get it - always space for more bike porn!
  • I certainly will do.

    I will be sending it back over the winter months to get a custom TEAM LAWS paint job.

    I tell thee - that Mike is a top fella.
  • just2trijust2tri Posts: 198
    I have been in contact with Mike already ... watch this space! Thanks for the suggestions!
  • danny_sdanny_s Posts: 235
    89 is a looooong leg. I just checked out what you can get on a Madone, and a according to my tape measure, 88cm is as high as I'd go. There's a lot of seat mast there but not quite enough. Do you have a picture of you on a bike with an 89cm seat height? That would be really interesting.
  • just2trijust2tri Posts: 198
    No, haven't got a bike that big yet. Which Madone did you test? What was the frame size and which seat mast did it have? I was looking at a 64cm frame Madone 5.2 with a 160mm seat mast, but they are hard to find in this country ....
  • danny_sdanny_s Posts: 235
    I've got a 62cm Madone 5.2 pro, and have a seat height of 86cm. I didn't know if there were different lengths of seat mast you could get in addition to forward/middle/back offset clamp. A 64cm size must be able to work for you, but then might be a bit long across the top...

    You'll also probably be getting a 2010 now since almost every shop I know that sells treks is completely out of 2009's. If you want me to measure anything else on a 62, let me know.
  • I also just measured my BB to top of seat and got 35 inches or 88.9cm. For a road bike, I currently have a 63cm Trek 1500, but would like to upgrade. It looks as though the only madone possible would be the 64cm for my preferred seat height. Are there any tall guys out there on an Orbea Onix 60cm? There's a nice deal at my LBS and I wonder if I would be too optimistic to think it would work.

    I'm 6'6".
  • just2trijust2tri Posts: 198
    I have tried quite a few bikes - Trek Madone 4.5, 5.2 both in 62 cm, Fuji Team Pro, Specialized Tarmac, and so on ....

    My problem was the seat height plus a reltive short top tube (58-59 cm). One option was a Specialized Roubaix which will come out as a 63 cm frame in the 2010 version, but i did not want to wait.

    I contacted Mike at Bridgetown Cycles and he did quite a bit of research for me and came up with a Ridley Damocles or a Ridley Excalibur. Even though the frames are 'only' XL (60-61 cm), the geometry is different from the US made bikes. Ridley is Belgium and their XL frames cater for tall riders while offering 'normal' top tube length. You should also take into account the crank length and overall set-up, rather than seat height alone.

    Good Luck!
  • I'm off to Bridgetown on Tuesday morning if you need a lift up there.

    PM me and let me know.

    She's coming home to Daddy.
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