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Bike Box - flying with bike

Does anyone have any experience of taking a bike on a plane, with a bike box? Hard or soft? How much of an issue is weight of box+bike? How safe and secure? I'm looking at the logistics of the Ironman 70.3 event in South Africa next year.


  • Hello, we have taken ours abroad 2 times this year, once to US for 70.3, and are off to Monaco next weekend. Always flown BA (as flights were on sale and therefore good price), pre notified them over phone that we are bringing bikes in boxes, and given them dimensions and weight, never had problem at airport (we get there bit early just in case) or been charged extra (that apparently depends upon check in staff). We bought bike box alan boxes (picture of bike in box in 220 completely wrong btw - it fits in the other way round - see his website) and whilst they were expensive, have been brilliant, small and pretty light. Bike plus box comes in at under 23 kg or whatever the BA limit is.

    Bikes insured with E and L (equine and leisure) just in case.

    Have never flown with anyone else so can't really say re Easy squeezy (although I guess they don't go to SA)?!
  • apnoeaapnoea Posts: 16
    flew to sa at the beginning of the year with bikes. husband flew BA, i flew SAA. Bike was free with BA, but they did say they will probably start charging for the bike as sporting equipment. I payed a small fee(can't remember how much sorry) with SAA. Both airlines were great with the bikes. And arrived at Jhb International with a separate porter!
    Another vote for bike box alan bike box. Built to spec (according to him) and can take mountain bike in the box as well.(obviously not at the same time!)
    Don't think i would be comfortable with soft case over longhaul really!
    Enjoy the event in SA
    Am originally from Eastern Cape which is where i guess you will be going!
    Good luck
  • huwdhuwd Posts: 228
    Theres a mention on bike box alans website that you can hire them - might be a good option if you arent going to travel again for a while
  • Sorry for starting up an old thread again - but to update, BA from flights after 7 Oct 09 are charging for bikes/skis etc on plane, unless you take it as your only piece of checked luggage in economy. If you want to check a suitcase (as your one piece of included luggage), then according to the check in staff at the airport the other week, you will pay £30 each way for the bike if prepaid (however the website makes it look a lot more complex than this so you might want to check).

    http://www.britishairways.com/travel/ne ... blic/en_gb

    If you are in business (or a silver/gold executive member) you get extra luggage allowance so as long as you stay within that limit, you wouldn't be charged.

    Ryannair have just put their charges up for carrying bikes too....

    Good luck!
  • i flew with Virgin Atlantic and they were really helpful and never charged me extra. bike arrived in the same condition that i left it.

    i brought a bunch of those foam pipe insulators... pick them up from BnQ and some of those cable ties to keep them from dropping off. dont forget to label what part of the frame they were on originally !!!

    iberrea want to charge me 60£ and are really draggin their heels over it. im not expecting to find my bike when i get to my destination
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