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Being a Personal Trainer

Hi Guys,

I know that this has come up before.
I am thinking about a dramatic career change and am interested in being a personal trainer.
What's the market like these days, with the economic situation?
Can it be a steady paying job? Are people still getting trainers these days, or is that the first thing to go?
Probably would have to wait another year before I start.
I live near Heathrow. So would ideally look at covering that area and beyond within reason.

Looking at Premier Training in Windsor.
Any thoughts, comments etc would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance


  • 55ant55ant Posts: 22
    the industry is doing fine. im sure most people wil agree that a healthy lifestyle is becoming extremely popular, most areas of the fitness industry have taken a bit of a hit membership wise, but are expecting high numbers of people joining or re-joining in january.

    to be a personal trainer there are two basic qualifications, level 2 instructor ( no previous qualifications needed) and then the level 3 advanced / personal trainer, both avaliable for free if you work in leisure already, through the NVQ scheme. You need a level 2 qualification to work in a gym as a trainer, do gym inductions etc etc, level 3 is for personal training, there are countless other courses that you can then go on.

    If you are starting out for the first time a good idea may be to work in a gym first, and whilst you are there, build up a client base. If you can get a big enough base then you can consider leaving. But be aware you will probably earn 16-22k basic wage as a gym instructor? then working through a company to offer personal training, that company may take a big chunk of the cash,

    a great upcoming industry is nutrition, what with almost half (?) of kids being overweight nutrition is going to play a vital role in the future.

    there is certainly a big market for personal training, especialy with more and more people taking up running to do a marathon, instead of just running for fitness.

    i would say the most important part of it would be to practice what you preach. would you pay £60 for an hour with a fat bloke telling you to do push ups?
  • Thanks 55ant.

    Quite understandable about the fat bloke. No danger there! Was quite aware of the pay cut, but i think that i would benefit from a better less stressfull lifestyle.
  • 55ant55ant Posts: 22
    its a great lifestyle, its one of the few industries where most if not all people in the field love what they do and strive to learn more about it, and its always changing with new research and every client wants something differant. by the way im not a trainer but work with them all the time at the leisure centre.
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