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Long Sessions


Whenever I do a long session in the evening, i.e. a 2hr+ run, cycle etc... (yesterday a 90 minute spinning class and then a 60 minute run straight afterwards) I end up being really thirsty for hours afterwards...
I need to get up during the night several time to pee and drink!

Does anyone have this problem, any way around it?
the more I drink, the more I need to pee.....but I still get thirsty again.

when I spend the evening in the Sauna, or day sitting in the sun, I just drink loads of water and I'm fine.



  • long days in the saddle or running need to be prepared for, hydrate well during the day and take hydration with you during a long (2hr+) run. I use an Inov-8 rucksack which holds 1l of fluid (usually NUUN).

    Also with the pee-ing, get a blood test, could be medical.....
  • I have a similar problem if I don't use electrolytes in my drinks.

    the way these isotonic drinks work explains it a bit. The kidneys have 2 main functions - control water levels (obvious) and control salt levels (blood osmolarity).

    If you sweat you lose salt and water (still pretty obvious) but when you drink just water to replace that sweat, your blood effectively becomes too dilute, so your body will get rid of water in the urine to try to return relative salt levels (osmolarity) to normal. So if you just drink water, your kidneys will continue to produce lots of urine, even though you may be a bit dehydrated, hence peeing lots while still feeling thirsty.

    I reckon if you're peeing and drinking alot, first look at what sort of fluid and electrolyte replacement you're using.
  • Vetboy - thanks for that post. Sounds obvious but only once you know. I have a similar issue and never bothered to ask as I thought this is normal!
  • okennyokenny Posts: 231
    vetboy - you're a genius!

    that explains everything.
    I actually sweat a lot, more than most people, and aftrer sport I even keep sweating sometimes for half an hour....I take a lot of water with me on a long run/ride and I drink it all! But no electrolytes....
    My girlfriend works in a chemist so I placed an order with her this morning!

    thank for the help guys!
  • As suggested by Firestarter, give Nuun a go if you can't stomach pure electrolytes in your water.

    I love them fizzy tablets... even contemplated eating them like sweets. Bit scared though.
  • okennyokenny Posts: 231
    I've heard it's good...but I live in Germany...no idea where I could get that here!
  • Not wanting to advertise on here-but Wiggle do Nuun tablets-do they post to Germany?
  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    High5 now do a similar product to Nuun (High5 Zero) which is cheaper, also available on Wiggle.

    I may give one of these a try as I quite often get the "need to pee but also thirsty" thing.

    I use SIS Go in races and on longer training rides, as this has electrolytes and and carbs for energy. However, I'll see how I get on with Nuun or similar - especially over the winter on long slow endurance training where I won't want the energy, just the hydration.
  • I use the High5 Zero, and also the Nuun. High5's are cheaper, but no real preference, and haven't really noticed any difference. Piss poor performance whatever I consume.
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