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Dear all,

As part of an upcoming research project, the school of Life Sciences at Kingston University is offering two free exercise tests (assessing VO2max, anaerobic threshold and more) for a study assessing ventilation efficiency in athletes. One test will be conducted on a lab cycle ergometer, with the second (5-7 days later) on a treadmill.

Please contact [email protected] for further details.

The project is based in Kingston Upon thames, Surrey.


  • Probably better posting this under "General", as that's where most people look.
  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    ... bt it IS the right forum I reckon!

    wish i lived near Kingston - I'd bite their arms off for this.

  • It is the right Forum, I just get the feeling that it's not as active as the "General" one. And likewise, if i was local I think I'd take them up on the offer.
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    normally I'd say no to a one-off posting.

    But hey, life's too short. Was in the wrong forum to get some decent attention so I weilded some green powers and move this from the training forum to the general one.

  • I made contact to Adrian on Friday and have booked in (as i am local and other posts seemed to indicate this was a good thing!) - though i did find myself dreaming last night that i would some how expire in some wired lab experiment?! What have i let myself in for - any ideas?

  • Cool - I am going to do this too.

    Lets see how unfit I really am. LOL
  • It depends on what is happening and what the study is about. For a VO2 max test and AT testing, you will most probably be on an indoor bike with a mask on, to measure your air intake and output. AT testing will involve giving blood samples generally every 4 mins depending on the testing protocol used (nothing major just a little prick, like diabetics do) and for both you will have a HR monitor on.

    I'm doing a study with Chester Uni at the moment, and one thing they are looking at is muscle recruitment in running when running off the bike, so one leg I have electrodes on my calf and shin, and motion sensor markers on the other side to look at how gait is affected when running off the bike.
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