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Schoolboy error

Guys, I think I may have made a bit of a schoolboy error.

I recently got my new Boardman Team Carbon - with it came the SRAM Force front and rear mech.

I was a very giddy kipper and allowed Halfords to set it up - after a quick ride everything seemed alright so I continued to ride I think this may have been the Schoolboy error!!

I have a constant "Swish Swish" noice on the small cog and when washing it this afternoon I noticed on the big cog that there were a couple of shaved pieces of metal on the inide like swarf - looks like bad gear changes have damaged it.

The gears have never been that smooth - but because I am only farmiliar with Campy Mirage I thought this was just the SRAM - Can anyone confirm the SRAM force is smooth?

What should I do - take it back to Halfords and ask for the parts to be replaced? Do I have a chance? or just take it to my LBS (like I should have done in the first place?



  • huwdhuwd Posts: 228
    I would be suprised if bad changes caused metal to shave off the cogs, it may be a production fault in which case I would speak to the shop and see about getting the faulty parts changed (including a new chain in case this is damaged from the problem!)
  • ShaggyShaggy Posts: 140
    Take it back with a no-nonsense attitude. 'I bought this from you, you set it up, it isn't right, I want these parts replaced with new - fix it'

  • Or could it be user error?

    Is there a way I can grind gears to cause this damage??
  • Totally agree with Shaggy, their problem they need to sort it.

    Quote the Sale of goods act.

    Don't take any sh1t.
  • ShaggyShaggy Posts: 140
    No it can't be user error. And have no doubt in your mind when you go to Halfords. You are Obi-wan "this is your fault, you will fix it"

    then take it to LBS for proper check!

  • huwdhuwd Posts: 228
    Xyzee_uk wrote:
    Or could it be user error?

    Is there a way I can grind gears to cause this damage??
    Even bad setup shouldnt grind metal from the gears that quickly
  • Thanks guys - Halfrauds will be getting it then......
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