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Forerunner 405cx v 310xt

Started doing Tri's earlier this year and managed to get through 4 sprints over the summer months ... am hooked and looking at my winter training and preparation for next year ... Lurked on this forum for the last 6 months or so ... Found the first tri posts very useful and sometimes very entertaining, especially after all the mistakes I made even after reading about them on here first !! Also all the training advice and tips are great ....

Last year I just wanted to finish one but this year would like to improve on my times... I've been looking into getting a HRM and have decided on either the Forerunner 405cx or the 310xt.

Has anyone out there either of the 2 ? Would you recommend or not recommend ?

All advice greatly appreciated .....



  • Hi,

    I had a 405 up until a few weeks ago (bought about 18 months ago) & it was fine until the screen went wonky. It still works but viewing data on the run is now a bit iffy. The 310 XT is awesome & worth every penny. In my book there's no choice!

  • I got the 310 XT this week, so far its amazing. I got the bike bundle to go with it (measureing speed and cadence). I have heard that some people have had problems, but from using it a few times already i would say that it is very accurate.
  • Only negative thing I can say about it is the size. Slight trouble getting the wtsuit off over it, which delayed me in T1 by about 5 seconds (as if that's going to matter), but struggling to get it over it I inadvertently pressed the stop button. Doh!

    However, not an issue on subsequent pool based events.
  • gparkergparker Posts: 11
    Thanks for the responses ....

    I know what you're saying about the size ... I don't want to look like I've a laptop strapped to my arm ! But at the end of the day I want to buy the one that does the best job out of the 2 so that won't sway me too much ...

    I've found a good review of the 310xt, it's really extensive. I'll post the link to it once I've finished reading it, he also reviews the 405 so want to read that too.
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