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Swimovate Lap Counter

I'm thinking of getting one of these for Mrs FatKnacker's (don't let her know I called her that ffs!) upcoming birthday. Anyone used one - if so, what are your thoughts? Is it a useful bit of kit or a waste of cash?




  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Is this the new 'count your laps for you ' on the change of direction thingy? Fancy one myself, use with the sportscount & what else do you need in the pool? (Apart from swimming ability in my case...)
  • Yes,

    Website is here: http://www.swimovate.com/

  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    Looks great, but - seventy quid for something to count my pool lengths.

    Yes length counting is a pain in the arse but I have so may other tri related uses for seventy quid before I get to this.
  • I have one and it's fantastic....

    it actaully takes the edge off pool swimming, especially now we are going into winter season!!!

    dedicated swim watch... goes well with the rest of my Dedicated tri gear:)

  • huwdhuwd Posts: 228
    Does it still work if you just stop at the end of a length or do you need to be doing a real tumble turn to get it working?
  • touch turn or tumble turn to work....
  • I used to think I needed one of these, but as my swimming has improved so has my consistency and a look at my watch whilst pushing off underwater confirms everything I need to know. I just look at my time and it confirms any doubts if I'm 2-4 length out. Think carefully before shelling out £70, my Casio cost £6.99 at Argos and does the job.
  • apnoeaapnoea Posts: 16
    i've got one. works really well. had some teething problems, but a quick email to the team, and they sent a trouble shooting list. now have had 100%accuracy on all of my swims since the email. and calorie count was fairly consistent to that of my hrm(that i used in prev sessions). got it at a tri on special so didn't quite pay the full 70 quid. def no regrets!
  • ijwoo1ijwoo1 Posts: 3
    Yup, it works.

    I'm hopeless at counting lengths so for me its great.

    Couple of things to bear in mind, if you want accurate length by length splits then you may as well use a stop watch because it cant do this automatically, but if you are happy with time per set, i.e an average time per length, then it works fine, it gives you this as a speed measurement which is your 100m time.

    A nice touch is the automatic swim golf calculation it does, which it calls efficiency.

    It also doesnt work in open water, atleast not yet, a "cheap" update is around the corner apparently, although I cant for life of me see how that can work as it currently relies on the pause in stroking as you turn (touch or tumble) to detect the finish and start of lengths and therefore distance covered. For open water use I'm guessing that you will have to calibrate it with your distance per stroke and this is not going to be accurate IMHO, but I stress I am guessing and if open water use is not a requirement then I can certainly recommend it.
  • I've got one and I love it. I do agree that it is expensive though. It's great for me as I am incapable of counting laps and for the swimming I am doing now it is great. I am relatively new to swimming, so wouldn't know from my time how far I had gone or anything like that. Now instead of trying to remember how many laps I have done I can concentrate on my technique instead or just zone out and swim.
  • i use a finis lap track like this one


    its about 6 inches high and the whole thing is a button, it sticks to the end of the pool wall and gives you lap splits and loads of other stuff (i just count lengths on it) found that because you havent got to think about how many you've done you can focus on more important things like your technique

    awesome until a child sees it and starts ramdomly pressing it while your at the other end of the pool
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Can't you set it to stun?
  • Could be fun with Tumble turns....
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