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I am now in Florida - at last....

Are you ready?


  • You poor sod, must be hell!
  • huwdhuwd Posts: 228
    P4, *yawn* - man they look dull together
  • You'll kill it
  • andyb99andyb99 Posts: 229
    great pics, thanks for posting em, and keep em coming.

    I might be jealous as hell but i wish you massive luck for the race mate and i'll look forward to hearing you're account of it on the 21st while we get pi**ed!!

    Good luck
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Leaving so early on Sunday,wouldn't that mean you would miss the awards ceremony when you pick up your qualifying entry for Kona 2010.
    Oh decisions we have to make,get the plane home to blighty or pick up the qualifying place....decisions,decisions,decisions,......let me see!!!!!!!!!
  • Florida!
    The Eastbourne of the states,
    I take it you'll be in one of the younger age groups,
    like 60 & below,
    hows the competition looking?
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408

    Please tell me you recruited him???????? He would be tremendous value on the other forum!

    Now, here's you mixing it up with IM legends in a nice sunny warm climate. Shades on, t-shirts on, shorts on....and here I am sitting with some form of viral infection thats laid me up since Friday.... where the fecking justice....
  • hey man you'll do fine! good luck - i'm just drooling at the bike porn and nice weather! enjoy the krispy kreme cholesterol loading!
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    you do realise you are missing bonfire night?

    i'm sure the fear will keep that sad thought from your mind
  • remember you're supposed to be enjoying yourself and think of the sponsorship you could wrangle from krsipy kreme - 'the only donut that fuels triathletes'
  • So you managed under 12 1/2 hours...well done CH!
  • danny_sdanny_s Posts: 235
    Great ride! The weather looked pretty ideal for a race yesterday. Sorry to hear about your disappointing run. I hope you survive the car/flight. I'd be in a world of pain having gone through that where the thought of a cramped up plane seat would make me weep openly.

    Do you think that it was because of the great ride that you lost more on the run? I was looking at the course, and the flatness of it was amazing. Holding 20-21mph for the whole time takes a lot of work, even flat. Looking forward to hearing the long report.
  • sportevesporteve Posts: 141
    well done conehead, fantastic race!
    have a safe, comfortable and as painfree as possible journey back home
    we all look fwd to your full report with the same anticipation we followed your race
    now will you be doing another one...? yeah right like as if there was ever a chance you wouldn't!
    ...plus if you won't, i suspect the blk bomber might dumb you!
    wishing you a good and quick recovery
  • Woop Woop!!! Good on ya!
    Look forward to reading the full report.
    Pre-race donuts, huh? I'm liking it

    Also digging the Captain America pointy helmet on the other Bomber.

    Incidentally, avoid racing in Barcelona. The Bomber might get jealous. You can't move for Orbea's in Transition.
  • You should know that i'm currently in negotiations to secure exclusive rights to Mr. Coneheads IMFL story.......and if i'm successful then it will ONLY be available in issue 2 of 'Global Domination', the BCTTT club magazine.

  • Viva la revolution!
  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    We had some friends over this weekend, they spotted a tri mag on Saturday evening and we got talking about it all. I explained there was someone I "knew" doing an IM as we were speaking, they were rather impressed!

    Really well done Conehead, 12 1/2 hours on a "non-IM" training schedule sounds very impressive to me.

    How did the wheels go?
  • wyno70wyno70 Posts: 189
    Excellent performance, well done.
  • Brilliantly done Conehead! Mucho respect.

    Viva revolution.
  • Well done indeed, an Ironman with no specific training. The thought of Olympic distance terrifies me never mind Ironman.

    Looks like someone got some evidence of all the drafting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbLbHfj7CNY. Seems to be causing a bit of uproar on Twitter, quite a few pros not impressed at all.
  • okennyokenny Posts: 231
    christ, that's some serious drafting.....
  • okennyokenny Posts: 231
    it must piss u off to pay that much for the entry, flights etc....and then see such going on - completely un-policed.....
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Conehead - Thats a great efforet for not training as much as you needed. It goes to show you are a man made of iron???

    Seriously well done dude! Now you have recovered a bit, Heres the question. Are you going to do another IM?

    That drafting is something else. I notice all the riders eyeing the videoer with sontempt!
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