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hello all,
just a quick one before strictly come dancing kicks in, what do you think of planet x bikes? i have not come across them in the conventional bike sellers ie: evans etc so all opinions and info regarding performance and reputation amongst triathletes would be much appreciated!
i am considering an sl pro carbon btw..thank you!


  • just while there is a thread is going for planet x,
    you can pick up cycling top's, long & short sleeve, new range,
    1/2 price if you type in '2weeksonly' into their password, recieved my L/S yesterday, done 50k this morning,
    nice & comfy, would recommend.
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    planet x don't retail to other shops, i think they only sell throught he website. they have a pretty good rep and there are a few people on here (i'm looking at you, toph who have them and really like them.

    good rep, seem to do well in reviews, look good value. got to be a catch somewhere - they're probably made with slave labour in some east asian hell hole.
  • They are cheaper as you buy direct from the warehouse/factory. I'm also pretty sure you can request a visit to see the bike range if you are unsure on what bike/size you want.

    I see quite a few people bombing about on them.
  • They have a good reputation, I know Spencer Smith rides them and a good few elites have been seen on them in recent years including Dan Brooks..

    Best thing about them is the colour choices!!! My favourite colour?? the Vivacious Pink!!

  • sportevesporteve Posts: 141
    cheers guys,
    they seem indeed to have a pretty good reputation, if anyone rides one i would really love to hear their feeedback!
    it is going to be my first roadie and apparently you can get lots of bike for the money hopefully the price being so because of the middle men cut not because of the production conditions...
    i am looking forward to the choices and options you have while building it and scotty it will have to be black for me i'm afraid, which i might pimp up with some red tape on the handle bars!
    i have been looking for a bike for the past 2 months or so, so when i do trust me all you will have to suffer my pics on the bike porn thread!!
  • Planet X? EXCELLENT!!!
    I've got the Pro Carbon SL frame in pink (see Bike Porn thread), and know about half-a-dozen other guys with them.
    Zero complaints, phenomenal value!
    Light, fast, climbs like a mountain goat!
  • [toPh][toPh] Posts: 244
    I too have an SL Pro Carbon, absolutely love it and a bargin. I got mine with Sram Rival for £999 which it doesn't look like they currently do.
    The build with full Ultegra also for £999 looks like a steal though.

    Great bike, super light and a great ride. Frame soaks up loads of the bumps and can still get the power down. I'd definately buy another.
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