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Ear plugs for an MP3 player

Dear all,

I have one of the Sony MP3 players that I like to use while I run but I have yet to find a good pair of earphones that will sit securely in my ears and sound good at the same time. I have tried the normal ones you get with the players including the ones that came with the Sony and another pair that were for an Ipod but they tend to drop out or shift and the sound volume sinks. I currently use another pair from Sony that have the little rubber hooks to go over my ears but the earphone piece still tends to move about a bit and I find that I am constantly having to adjust them to maintain good sound levels and quality. I have even tried to MacGuyver a solution by using some electrical tape on these earphones to hold the speaker in one place but this was not really successful either. Does anyone have any suggestions for a particular pair of earphones that they have found to be good for listening to music while running? I know that these can get quite expensive so I would rather get some first hand feedback before I start any more experimenting - although I also know that all ears are different...




  • As the weather is now cooling down, I use a thermal head band (Gore Running), which covers the ears, and also hold my headphones in place. It works for me
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    sennheiser do a wide range of quality headphones, including various ones for sports use. not used them myself (i like the sound of feet on tarmac and laboured breathing ) but i use some senny bins at work and they are very nice.
  • Thank you for those ideas - I actually went for a run this week in my GripGrab hat (Danish made hat designed for sports use and to sit under a bike helmet) where the earphones I had "improved" sat quite well but my head got really hot a sweaty so perhaps a headband will have the advantages of some warmth and security with more ventilation. As for the sound of laboured breathing, all i can say is anything that takes my mind off the laboured part is a good thing but each to their own in this as in all things...
  • That's the one I'm trying to drown out but the earphones aren't helping...
  • You can't drown out what's on the inside
  • Maybe not drown it out but it helps to at least distract myself from the voice sometimes pipes up with "you'll still get there if you walk.."
  • I can't get on with the ones that sit in the ear. I use the old style ones that clip over the ear. I use a sweatband in the summer to keep them tight to the ear - it also assists in keeping the shades clear. As the winter starts to set in I am using a buff more. Again holds the earpieces in nice and tight.
  • I had thought about getting some of the soft rubber tipped ones that actually fit inside the ear like an ordinary ear plug - does anyone have any experience of using these during training?


  • jibby26jibby26 Posts: 261
    I used some Creative ones designed like a necklace that are in ear types. great for not falling out, but if your running near a road they are not so good as they block traffic noise out a bit too well.
  • I've done a lot of research for myself and come up with these. They've just replaced my PMX70s, which sounded great for a couple of years but finally lost out to the driving rain and sweat. I really do recommend them and this is an incredible price.

    http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sennheiser-PMX- ... B001EZTJ34
  • They do look good - thank you! I am living in Norway so i will look for a local retailer first but that price does look very tempting...


  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    It took me a while to finda comfy pair too, eventually chose philips SHS8000 over the senheisser ones, cos I dont like the thing around the back of the neck. These are individual over the back of the ear hooks, really good sound, fine on long runs, light, and mine went through the wash with my MP3 player (Creative zen stone) and both still work like a treat. Wondering if they will work in the pool too..but maybe that pushing it. They are the shizzel my nizzel!
  • I've got Bose in-ear ones which I love. They come with 3 different sized rubber ear pieces - I use one medium and one large! There is a peg clip which I use to clip to my top and a lanyard round the back of your head which I don't - but my other half who also has a pair does. We had to get the second pair as it got too confusing passing them between running bags!
    They are expensive (£80), but don't fall out when I run, are fine under a cycle helmet, much more comfortable and hugely better sound quality than ipod headphones. Sadly I lost mine (at Croke Park watching U2) - but went back to the same Bose shop and they let me have a new pair for half price as it was within what would have been the warranty period. So good after sales service as well!! Was very pleased I hadn't replaced them at the airport for 90Eu
  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    Under a cycle helmet???? Are you joking? Are you wearing your helmet while on your turbo. Ever heard of the Darwin Awards?
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