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Anyone got a spare copy of November 220 Triathlon?

Hi all,

I didn't get a November copy of 220, but failed to notice until December dropped through the letterbox. I rang up the subs dept. for a back copy, but when it arrived they'd sent me another copy of December . I rang them again today and they've now sold out of November. Anyone got a copy they've finished with and can send it on to me? I'll pay postage. I was quite interested in the Spencer Smith article.



  • OranjOranj Posts: 45
    Sorted. Matt from the Editorial office saw my post and is going to send me one of their spare copies

    I can only think that my original copy got lost in the Post Office strikes.
  • OranjOranj Posts: 45
    Why not? You'd like to think that since they edit/write the magazine they'd be at least a little interested in the sport itself and discussions thereon.
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    Ah.... naive...
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    I was just digging out a copy of novembers 220 to stick in the post when I saw you had one from 220 peeps. Come on they cant read the forum! It must have been linked from coneheads forum that made them stumble on their own!!!!
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    Oranj, its funny you should say that - i was the same, of course i didn't think to phone them... maybe i'll learn something from that
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