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life of running shoes

I can't remember how long , but someone told me once that after so many miles roughly you should throw away your running shoes ?
Any of you more seasoned runners have any ideas on this ?



  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    I change mine after around 3-4 months use which for me equates to around 350-400 miles....

    Racing flats wont last as long... Ill prob get 250-300 out of a pair....due to their lightweight make up
  • 650 miles / 1000 kilometres max, then resign
    them to gym / general use.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    I get about 250 miles or so out of my racing shoes and about double from training shoes. It all depends on the shoe really, the make, model as the composition of the sole varies and then of course ther are less obvious things other than the sole weaing thin such as the cushioning and support going a bit saggy.
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    i asked in a running shop earlier this year and they said what everyone here has - at about 500miles retire them to slobbing about shoes
  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    If you heel strike consider replacing your shoes when the shock to your knees starts to increase (as the foam compresses and hardens) and/or they start to collapse inward/outward so misaligning your calves and/or knees possibly leading to injury.

    If you forefoot strike the compression of foam is less of a problem and research shows it can even be a benefit. Also there is little likelyhood of collapse. As I've only been running forefoot this year I've not yet had to replace any shoes - probably will do so when the sole wears out or the uppers wear through. And before you ask I've had my most injury free year yet. Perhaps others can comment here.

    In the same way we "listen to our bodies" when training we perhaps should try and find our what our legs are saying about our shoes. 500 miles may be correct but it could also be 250 or 1,000 miles. A standard distance is bound to be wrong and cost you pounds in replacing shoes too early or injuries if too late.

    Remember at all times that shoe shops and manufacturers are there to sell shoes.

    When I stated running 30 years ago all these fancy shoes were just comming onto the market and the advice was for 1,000 miles. Even then the black outersoles could be replaced, or patched up with Shoo Goo for another stint. So after 30 years of progress we are down to 500 miles and runners reporting injuries are up from 66% to 85%. I don't think I'm the cynical one here.
  • If you use Fetcheveryone.com, then you can track your training, and your miles for the shoes you;ve used. Quite handy if you mix traning, race, trail shoes etc
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Harry D - my Dad was a runner for many years, my earliest memories of him running was in a pair of brown canvas army pumps. His ultimate pair were Hitec Silver Shadows but only because I got them issued by the army and could get them replaced for free. He never had an injury except for the time when he slipped on a kerb when he was about 70 or so and that stopped him running but he then got a treadmill from Argos and put it under the stairs for speed walking.

    I remember him talking about these flash new Onitsukas, now Asics, and he didn't reckon much to them and was once persuaded to get a pair of Ron Hill (I think) running shoes that cost him £60 back in the late 70's or 80's and ditched them as they crippled him.

    Having said that still have a piar of the Silver Shadows in the shed just put them on - nah - no way could I run in them now, I'll stick with my Asics.

    I forefoot strike and am I right in thinking that Newtons encourage forefoot strike?
  • Zacnici wrote:
    I remember him talking about these flash new Onitsukas, now Asics
    Onitsuka have made an appearance again just this year but are definately retro fashion over function! Very comfy and I'd go as far to say they'd be comfy to run in too as long as not heel striking....... its like being barefoot compared to more modern trainers.

    I agree with HarryD that shops are there to sell and even though the advice I got at a local store fairly recently was good, ultimately they were more than happy to try to sell me a soon to be discontinued trainer 40 quid more expensive than I eventually got online a week later so the mileage you should be changing at is a bit wishy washy and depends on a lot of things, running style, weight, make of trainer, etc, etc.

    Like HarryD has alluded to, any sign of recurring knee and hip problems for me, not injuries just niggling aches which have been cured by new trainers, and I'll be shopping for another pair.
  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Zacnici, I remember a lot of people started with Silver Shadows. Half the price of the big brands. I also remember doing the Morpeth to Newcastle run (14miles) with a guy in Dunlop Green Flash canvas tennis shoes. A year later he was back in Compass Rosen Wedge studded orienteering shoes. Saw him at various other events throughout the year as well.

    I understand that Newtons are supposed to encourage fore foot running but cannot comment further as have not tried them due to high cost and lack of local supply - none of that fancy Dan tosh up here in Yorkshire! Racing shoes have to be a special order at our local running shop (the original in a national chain!). I'm quite happy fore footing in Saucony Fastwitch 2s or my 5 year old pair of Pegassus from the Nike factory shop in Castleford.
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