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2010 - The motivation thread...

How about a new thread for the new year to track the mileage we're doing Individually and collectively - see how many times we can get round the world in the year!

Here's how it might work, where each of the following entries is a separate post:

Jan 1st
(user x) 83 km bike
(user x) 83km total
Forum total 83 km

Jan 1st
(user y) 1.5 km swim, 5 km run
(user x) 6.5 km total
Forum total 89.5 km

Jan 2nd
(user z) 30 km bike
(user z) 30km total
Forum total 119.5 km


  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    If people want to take it up as an idea, let's keep the format really simple - short entries, no signatures.
    Activities to include: swimming, biking (any), running, walking, skiing (cross country only!)

    What do you think?
    We can track against some average distances for fun:
    Marathons = 42 km
    Paris - Roubaix = 280 km
    C2C = 309 km
    LEJOG = 1,407 km
    TdF 2010 = 3,600 km
    Length of Equator = 40,075 km
    Average distance to the Moon = 384,403 km
  • Sounds good to me, not that I do anywhere near as much training as everyone else.
  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    Fair enough. Mileage and motivation are definitely not the same for me either! Thought it might just be interesting to see what we clock up over a year. I think people might post weekly or less frequently rather than daily anyway, otherwise the thread size will just get silly.

    So, what shall we have as a motivation thread?

    "I took up triathlon and my cock grew an inch"
    "I ate three Christmas dinners but I'm a triathlete so it's allowed" ?
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