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New Bike (for tall person)

First time post, bonjour to you all.

I'm looking to start cycling to work when I go back next week. Now, the problem is I'm 6ft 7" and my last hybrid bike cost me £150, and I must have spent £200 getting it repaired - so I deffo need something decent if I'm to use it regularly.

I want a road bike instead of a hybrid, and I've been looking at the Giant Defy 2. The review on this site is great and I was all set for buying but the only negative part was the about the frame for tall people. So this has got me worried a bit.

Has anybody got one of the 58.5cm frames who can put my mind at rest?

Thanks in advance.


  • jibby26jibby26 Posts: 261
    It's proably worth finding a decent LBS that sell Giants and getting sized up and testing one. Bike sizing is not related to just your height, it is dependant on your inside leg and torso measurements too. The giant website says to measure your inside leg in cm, multiply by 0.65 and then 63-67 would need and XL frame (rider height 6'3" - 6'7").

    http://archive.giant-bicycles.com/us/05 ... 100.asp#20

    I'm 6'1" and have a SCR1.5 (predecessor to the Defy) large frame. When I had a fitting I was told for my measurements I could have got away with either the M/L or L frames, so the chart seems a good starting point.

    A trip to a decent bike shop that will take the time to size you up properly is well worth it's weight in gold though.
  • timbletimble Posts: 2
    Cheers for that, I'm going to see if anywhere locally (Blackpool) sells them and I'll go check it out tomorrow. My inside leg is 34" and going off the conversion rates I've come to 56.16cm.
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    see if you can find a decent bike shop to talk through your requirements, you might find you need some tweaking to the handlebar end (longer stem, for example) on a smaller frame, depending on how much of your height is leg and how much in the body.
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