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220 award contribution to triathlon

Hello all again

The closing date for the 2nd round of voting closes on 8th Jan - so this is another plea for votes for Mr Conehead (Darren Roberts) for the Jane Tomlinson Contribution to Tri award.

Whilst Darren is shying away from this, the people nominated so far are

Alistair Brownlee - athlete
Chrissie Wellington - athlete
Darren Roberts (aka conehead)
Dave Wardle - volunteer
Sarah Springman - BTF Chair

The purpose of this award is not for athletic acheivement, but for people who drive themselves (and their marragies!) into the ground for triathlon through trying to make the sport better. Over the last two years Chrissie has walked away with this award, and I've heard through the grapevine she'd rather not recieve it. Elite athlete of the year - obviously, and she deserves that 10 times over.

The problem is no-one knows Darren Roberts, or Dave Wardle.

You may wonder what Darren (Conehead) has done, besides bankrupting us with setting up a triathlon club (BCTTT also up for 220 best triathlon club) in July, Rookie training days, Rookie waves in triathlons - he also wrote 'How Triathlon Ruined My Life'. This cost him (us..!) £1,000 to self publish, and has been the 2nd bestselling book on amazon.co.uk since it came out, with the 80p per book he should get going to charity (of a young athlete that was killed).

He also set up Team Laws (http://www.teamlaws.co.uk) and I know he rarely talks about it on here and leaves Ben (willieverfinish) to let everyone know what's happening.

I'm sure Dave Wardle is also very deserving, but I'm not married to Dave Wardle. Darren spends ALL his free time and money on trying to make triathlon more accessible for newbies, whether it's the club, the training days, writing books or on here. He literrally puts his time and money where his mouth is.

So if you have a spare minute please follow this link, and you don't even have to vote in every catagory. But a tick in the BCTTT box and Darren Roberts would be gratefully appreciated by me, our daughter and anyone who has been helped by Darren.

http://www.220triathlon.com/webform/220 ... 10-stage-2


  • Well said Mrs C.

    I won't bleet on about Darren and what he has done for me or my son ( the WAT thinks I am mental) but suffice to say he has had a profound effect on me and my family and helped in some small way to shape my future with my son. Ity has given me a focus. Sport can do that - triathlon has.

    That sounds like bullshit I know but it's true. Having a child with a disability is immensely hard work it is also very very rewarding. Darren has helped me without me asking. He offered his help, his advice and his contacts. I am lucky, so so lucky to be in the position I am in.

    I will always be indebted to him ( and his long suffering WAT officer and daughter)

    I am driven by the fact I don't want to let my family down but also in a strange way I don't want to let Darren down either. I suppose me finishing my 70.3 distance race with Ewan reflects on him too. He'll say it doesn't but I know it does.

    Voting for Darren is simple and he's the right choice to win.

    Well done Mrs C for bringing this to the forum.

    PS - I know for a fact the bald fat northern one has offered his help to many more people than you'd expect. This isn't about being glam for him - that's why he never mentions it on here. Deep down he is a humble bloke.

    I say let him win and lets watch him royally cock up his award speech. It will be Priceless.
  • FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    I'll second all emotions here. A vote for Conehead is a vote for all of us!
  • aoneill69aoneill69 Posts: 206
  • thebouythebouy Posts: 61
    As someone who still considers himself a newbie (only done one tri due to knee surgery, but many more definately planned) I love the fact that Conehead is always ready with a helpful/motivational comment. He could so easily be up his own A**e but isn't. Plus my parents loved his book, although they think he's a bit mental!
    Gets my vote!
  • Hi all again!

    I've seen the WAT post on here and I'm considering my reply!

    Also its the last day of voting for finally deciding the 2009 220 awards, so again if you could spare a minute to vote for Darren (conehead) and possibly the BCTTT (www.bcttt.com) we'd all appreciate it. I obviously wouldn't suggest using more than one e-mail address or tell you to feel free to use @peakperformancefitness.org and @bcttt.com You don't have to vote in every catagory to register your vote.

    I also see there's plenty of new names on here which is great - WAT/HAT billing should be markedly increased in 2010 Anyone new on here prob doesn't know Darren or the BCTTT, so maybe next year we'll get your vote.

    Thanks to everyone who has voted so far, we'll know who is down to last 3 if invited to TCR show...
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