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For the one you love

What better way to spend valentines, anyone been before? Is it any good?

Triathlon Cycling and Running show


  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    What better way to show the depth of one's feelings than to involve them in something that one holds dear. They will of course be flattered and enthusiastic ... unless:
    1. They get hooked themsleves and will then vie to have the best bling, and we all know who will win that one.
    2. They will see the true cost of bling and not the 'WAT book' price

    Tread cautiously ...
  • Evan are also doing a Ride It Sportive from the TCR show on the Sunday. you get entery to the TCR show and Sportive for a combined fee of just £12.50 Bargin..

    although if me and the group cock up the spotive like in Dorking we might miss the whole show..

    Overall the show is good, plenty of smaples and some decent offers if you've got the cash - I picked up my Wetsuit last year for £80..

    PM me if anyone is interested in the Sportive..

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