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Rational behaviour??????

I awoke at 4am this morning wondering about how to change my training plan from the 12 week off season plan that I got from 220 to a plan that incorporates an 8 week run up to my first tri.

Is this normal behavior

The WAT officer thinks I've tipped over the edge.

Do I need help


  • risris Posts: 1,002
    Do you still have a race scheduled at the end of that 12wk plan? If you do then you could use the first tri as an extended training session or transition learning experience. If there is only the one event then the 12wk plan might need tweaking, but be careful you don't build too much too soon or you could risk an injury.
  • AtomicAtomic Posts: 126
    My corrent 12 week plan at the moment finishes at the end of March (with a weeks holiday abroad for my last recovery week) and my first race is 23rd May.

    This gives me 8 weeks from the end of the current plan to my first scheduled race (at the moment).

    Do I just need to tweak my current plan (which is basically a version of Joe Beers 12 week off season sprint distance training plan for beginners) or do I need to find a more 'race build up' specific plan

    I'm not bothered about placings or anything, just care about finishing my first tri.

    I haven't struggled with the current plan so far (currently on week 5) and am often adding in extra sessions when I feel I'm Ok, and feel that I'm getting plenty of recovery.

    I'm quite a strong swimmer and running 5km in under 25 mins but not sure about the cycling yet as I am still running around on my MTB until I take delivery of my new bike, so don't know how I will get on with a road bike. I feel this is where I may have to focus.

    Any advice would be great.
  • In answer to the initial questions: It might not be rational but it is also not uncommon and nothing to worry about unless you're waking up every night.

    What's wrong with tipping over the edge?

    In terms of the training plan sounds to me like you need to reevaluate your goals. Your say you current goal is to finish your first triathlon and that time is not an issue. Given your comments about your swim and run I don't think you will have any problems with that. However you have now reached the stage where this is a short/mid term goal.

    What do you intend doing later in the year? If you can identify some mid and long term goals then you will able to start to define a training plan to achieve those.
  • AtomicAtomic Posts: 126
    ashthetash wrote:
    What do you intend doing later in the year? If you can identify some mid and long term goals then you will able to start to define a training plan to achieve those.
    If all goes well in my first tri, I'll probably enter a few more sprints for the year.

    I've already planned a sprint race for each month (if funds allow) but could possibly progress to olympic distance late on this year or maybe next.

    I really wasn't doing any exersize up until about 6 months ago and don't want to push myself too much too soon, but, I feel like I'm getting addicted and want to do it all and do it now!!!!!!
  • If you are thinking of doing an olympic later this year then you need to consider a training plan that allows for the extra distance.

    You say you are currently running 5k/25min. Do you run further than this? If not a training plan needs to ensure that you can run 10k comfortably.

    You say you are a strong swimmer. Do you swim in the pool? If so where will you be able to get some open water experience?

    When the new bike arrives you will want to be able to do in excess of 40k comfortably.

    Looking at these things early will help you identify what areas you need to focus on.

    Training for the increased distances will have a beneficial effect on your sprint times (although you are not concerned with times ).

    If you have not competed before consider running races and and duathlons as options for tune up races. They are not quite the same but they tend to be cheaper and still get you into the competitive environment. It can help ease the nerves if you go into an event knowing that others are as nervous as you and that pretty much all the people at the event are friendly and happy to help you learn.
  • AtomicAtomic Posts: 126
    Thanks for the advice Ash/Ris

    I'm currently building my running up to 10k and am looking for somewhere for open water swimming (but can't find much up here). Hopefully the bike is not too far away.

    I've got 8 weeks left of my current plan before I need to think about changing so will give it a little more time.

    Plenty of good advice on here so hopefully it should all become clear soon

  • risris Posts: 1,002
    i think i would take this 12wk set as your base and then look for a build programme for the 8wks to the first tri. if you decide that an od is defo what you are going to do then make that the a-race and get the build to peak for that race (probly turns the first sprint into a training / b-race).

    i'm going to sound like a hypocrite now... if you are following a training plan then follow the plan, don't tinker with it too much and add stuff in because you feel good and that. a lot of the schedules (i think expecially in base phase) are there to steadily get the body to a strong point and not making it peak too early.

    however, if you are in this for the fun of it then to a certain degree do what you like! if you are going to be looser with your plans then to be honest whether you a peaking for the sprint, or an od, or something else, might be an irrelevance, and what you follow the 8wk plan with might be up to you.

    i'll be honest, i don't have the organisation in my life to keep to a strict plan, so i sort of tit about in a way that i feel makes sense at the time. i want to enjoy triathlon and training, not worry too much about whether i'm in z2 enough
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