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Did my first tri last year, and really enjoyed it.... I have had a few months off training and eager to get back into it and have entered the blenhiem tri for my first one this year. Want to do about 4 tri's this year including an Olympic distance.

Looking for some advice on training programs. Can any one suggest the best place to find them etc....

Or any tips about pre and during season training.

thanks in advance



  • WellaWella Posts: 188

    As I put in the other message Tom Hollands book is worth getting. As is 'Triathlon 101' although I can't remember the author. Only difference between the two is that Tom Holland uses weight training within the programme.

    Like you I did my first tri last year and aim to do about 5 this year with two Oly's hoepfully, I've signed up for London and thinking about Windsor.

    Depending on when the Oly is I would consider starting training ASAP to build up the base training. The sprints can then be built into the training programme.

  • JasonBJasonB Posts: 303

    I got this for christmas.

    Triathlete's Essential Week-by-Week Training Guide: Plans, Scheduling, Tips and Workout Goals for All Levels (Paperback) by Matt Fitzgerald

    It has loads of various levels for training. I for example chose level 4 of a 16 week programe which will get me to Olympic fitness, and also incorporates a few sprint races.

    It is bloody brilliant, and you can set what level you want to go to.

    One thing that is missing from this book is nutritional tips. However I think this along with his "Triathlon" complete training book, would be everything you need.

    I want to get this second book, but becuase I got the first for Christmas I don't want to upset her, thinking it is not good enough.

  • LeeCookLeeCook Posts: 22
    i found rick niles' time saving training improved my times dramatically. Especially if you have limited time to train, which most of us do, it really helps you to understand how to maximise your time to make maximum improvements. My fresh 10k running time went from 38mins to 34.15 in literally 3 months!
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