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New bike - advice needed!

Hi All, I thought i would call on your collective knowledge for some advice.

Im currently training for my first triathlon races this year and currently im chugging about on my MTB, which is fine but its a heavy old thing, so not ideal really.

Im looking to get a new bike on the cycletowork scheme (if they open it up before October, which is when they generally do )

I have no idea when it comes to road bikes, but i've played with the figures and a £1k bike seems to cost about £500ish under this scheme, so I can spend a bit more than I usually would without the wife complaining

So (to summarise) - what bikes should I be considering up to the £1k mark????

PS - Im about 6ft and 14st if this makes any difference
PPS - I've been reading good things about the Boardman bikes on the forum, but I can't get these on the scheme. But interestingly I can get Planet X................




  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    I think you will get nothing but positive responses about the goodies from Planet X and although I have no experience of them thought I would be polite and not let your post drift away. I know GunForHire has one - in pink!
  • I would go to your LBS and ride a few.

    I got a planet x at xmas but have still to ride her as have been using my training bike. And I don’t want to get Hilda wet and dirty
  • thebouythebouy Posts: 61
    I have just got a 2010 Specialized Allez Elite and I love it (£800), plus it's red which is actually the fastest colour!

    You would then have a £200 wat credit deficit which could be used to put towards other miscellaneous carbon
  • I was in the same boat last year (although wanted to start road biking...which has now lead onto Tri! ) and I went with the Trek 1.2 and all the associated 'kit' computer, clothing, shoes etc and managed to set myself up for about £900. I'm no expert whatsoever but what I can say is that I'm very happy with my bike and would only consider changing to a carbon tri bike! Ask to try one and see what you think, they got good feedback from other cycling forums I went on.

    I've just finished the payments and now am thinking...carbon upgrade or MTB on repeating the bike to work scheme!! lol!
  • Thanks for all the advice guys.

    Was chatting to a guy in work who suggested a Cannondale CAAD9 Tiagra, which comes in at about £999 I think.

    Anybody ridden one of these or have an opinion on this? Im going to try my LBS's to try and find one to have a go on (and also the 'fast' red Specialized - thanks for the tip, I hadn't thought about red bikes being faster )
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Just to muddy the pool yet again .. it is naughty of me I know - Wiggle do the Focus Culebro (mail order only) on cycyle to work scheme, well specced http://www.wiggle.co.uk/p/cycle/7/Focus ... 360037595/
    Some talk about it here

    Triathlon surely is the devils plaything all these goodies to tempt us
  • Thanks for the tip off on the Focus.

    I've checked the work scheme and they dont deal with Wiggle! I've asked why, and the response was "because we dont. Pick another bike shop closer to where you live"

    Charming, but that's the big company ethic for you

    Back to some more head scratching methinks...................
  • AtomicAtomic Posts: 126
    It is more than likely that your company is running the cycle to work scheme through a third party.

    Our company at work use http://www.cyclescheme.co.uk to run our system which enables us to buy a bike from any retailer who has signed up with cyclescheme. Cyclescheme are the biggest provider of this service in Britain so have a massive number of retailers signed up to them giving a massive choice of bikes. However, some of the bigger retailers such as wiggle, evans and halfords run their own scheme so will not sign up with other schemes.

    Ask who your scheme is being handled by and visit their website. This should give you an idea of where you can go for your bike.

    Happy shopping
  • Thanks Atomic - It is cyclescheme who run it, so I've now planned a tour of the local (ish) participating LBS' to have a nosey at whats on offer.
  • The Boardman bikes have gotten good write ups in magazines recently and I've heard a few people rave about them.....never ridden one myself though. Like ther other people say, go and do a few test rides and then make your decision. I have to say though for VFM it seems you can't beat Planet-X.....I wish my company were as forward thinking to include them in the ride2work rather than Evans Cycles, then I would have got one!
  • Hi Conehead

    I live about 15 mins drive from Chester, just over the border into beautiful (but bloody hilly) North Wales
  • Flintshiremike, first let me say how jealous I am that you can get a bike on the C2W scheme . Secondly I'm from Hawarden & although I don't have one, a lot of my Wrecsam Tri team mates & people I work with have Graham Weigh bikes & are happy with them. I believe that GW is a member of the C2W scheme.

    Happy hunting.
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