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First open water sea swim

Just a quick 400meters swim in the sea, wasnt too bad prob have to thank the 3km warm up run. The wife reckon i cheated by not fully submerging my head. Anyone else been in yet?


  • Where did you go and how cold was it ????
  • You're nuts going in at this time of year. Must have been freezing. Making me feel cold just thinking about it!

    I won't be entering any more sea swim tris after my experience last year. I had one training session prior to my first sea-based Oly, and it was choppy as hell. I was chucking up all over the place. After that, the event the following week filled me with dread.

    On the big day it couldn't have been calmer, and I got past about 1km – but then sea sickness overcame me again. Then cramp set in and I had to get fished out. My first (and hopefully last) DNF in a tri, but at least now I know to stick to lakes and rivers!

    Kudos to anyone who does any kind of distance in the sea.
  • I'm up in the northmberland.

    Been surfing all year, would not recomend swimming in the sea up here this time of year, whatever the weather.
    Major head freeze conditions

    It will be May before I start swimming in the sea again!
  • I'm up in the northmberland.

    You hardly benefit from the Gulf stream up there do you. It sounds far too cold for me.
  • andissandiss Posts: 82
    surf all thru winter so i know how cold it is. 3km run, scorching sun and not a puff of wind i just had to go.
    Reckon its 7-8C here on the west coast of ireland.They do weekend swims in dublin without wetsuits and i know there is a few people on the south coast that swim the year around without a suit. Those lads are pure swimmers with plenty of body fat not skinny triathletes.
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