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Training priorities

Morning! Entered my first tri in may, eton sprints. I am struggling to work out where I should be going with my training. A normal week for me tends to consist of four weights sessions, one long run (10k plus) and then alot of cycling (min 12k Monday to Friday, and often a fair bit more at weekend). Not sure how to intigrate tri training in there. My swimming is weak so thinking sub two weights sessions for swimming?

Any ideas very welcome! Olly


  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    caveat: I know nothing.

    What are your goals for the race? To win? Podium? Finish without dieing?

    assuming the last... ;-)

    you could certainly bin some if not all of those weights, and certainly review what the weights are used for... if they are for building muscle mass e.g. bodybuilding you are in direct confrontation with the generally held view of weights for tri which is muscle endurance...

    definitely do some swimming, form over distance - but you've still got to do the distance on the day so the dichotmy is interesting! Form because the more efficient you are in the water not only should you go quicker but more importantly you won't exhaust yourself on the swim.

    Build the bike up to say 30K - this will ensure you have the endurance for a 20K sprint bike split.

    Seems to me your run is fine, so you could maybe work on some speedwork closer to your race - if you are bothered

    So, working on the principle that you would work on your limiters currently I'd say 2-3 swims a week, 2 bikes (at least one them longer distance) and probably your one run will suffice. Couple of weights if you want, but not to build muscle.

    This could change within a few weeks of your race to improve your speed having built endurance. But don;t do more than 10% of the previous week's total any week, and have an easy week once a month.

    Read something like Triathlete's Training Bible by Joe Friel, or similar.

    And most importantly remmebr everyone is different and general advice is exactly that.


  • I'd throw a 'brick' session into the mix. These are when two sprots are done back-to-back, so once a week, after one of your bike commutes, dismount, qucikly change into running gear (shoes only), and run around the block for 15-20 minutes. This will get you used to the jelylegs feeling, so it won;t come as a surpise on the day.

    Oh, and smile.
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