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Next purchase / investment / riding position

Having caught the bug last year and completed my first two sprint distances on a 12 year old mountain bike, I've since done what most of the folk in the forum do and splashed the cash! A couple of grand later I now own....
Carbon Road bike, Carbon Shoes, Look Keo Max pedals, trisuit, decent trainers and a few other bits and bobs. Wetsuit is still on the shopping list for summer!!!

Having got my bike from Halfords (CTW) I've not had my bike properly fitted other than following the instuctions in Joe Freils training bible. I currently have what feels like a comfortable riding position but on getting off my bike after a decent ride my scrotum is numb.

This tells me I either need to try a new bike seat or most likley ensure my riding position is correct. In addition, I've also thought about getting some tribars which again would change my riding position.

1. For someone finishing a sprint tri in 1hour 15min are tri-bars going to be a decent investment and save me some more time / energy?
2.Would I be better buying tri-bars and then getting a bike fit both with and without them (I'll still use my bike for commuting)
3. A local tri centre charge £40 an hour to fit you to the bike, whist this isn't one of the £100+ fits which i've heard about taking every measurement and flexibility etc do you reckon this will sort me out.



  • Hi jrhunt78

    Here's my thoughts.......which should be taken with copious amounts of salt....

    1. I'd go for the bars....they will make life easier in the wind and make you look faster

    2. Yes.....if you get a fit.......get the bars first and fit them so the guys can see what you have.....

    3. In my experience, you can waste hard earned money of a 'bike fit'.......be careful....you get what you pay for.....but not always

    I guess that was no help then!
  • GGBGGB Posts: 482
    I personally found Tribars a great help last year, and that was without a bike fit - this is a very personal thing though. I know many people from my Tri club don't feel comfy on the tri bars for more than say 15 to 20 mins and therefore would prove to be unhelpful whilst others are on the bars most of the time when training on there own or competing.

    See if you can get any references from the place you are looking at getting a bike fit - £40 might sound cheap but if you are there 3 hours then thats £120 for a bike fit ... worth finding out beforehand,

    By the sounds of it what you really need is a Tri bike then you can have both your road bike and tri bike and take your pick for each event ..... Isnt tri a cheap sport ....
  • Ha ha!

    2 Bikes!

    WAT officer she say no! Something about moving house, kids schools and catchment areas......I seem to remember!
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