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Ironman New Zealand 2007

Hi there

Im heading out to N.Z. for my first Ironman, anyone else coming along?

I will be flying just under two weeks before the event so if anyone is going to be around and needs a training partner for the taper let me know. Maybe if your in the Cambridge area and would like a training partner in the next few big hour weeks let me know too.

I have spent some time in Taupo (summer 01/02, 02/03, 03/04 & 04/05) I even helped with the setting out and picking up of the bike / run courses (about 6 tons of cones / barriers and a 20 hour day) in 03 & 05 so know the routes pretty well.

Any advice on the event from Taupo veterens would be appreciated too.

Paul (Cambridge)


  • Theres got to be some one else going, hasn't there.
  • I'm going to watch if that counts :)

    Only just completed my first Half Ironman (Tauranga) so my plan is to do it in 2008.
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