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I'm now into my 2nd season and like anybody in my shoes looking to improve on my 1st season so I'm looking at the tiny parts as well as bigger parts of triathlon

1 - I've had my trainers for 4 years now and I have no idea how often you are expected to change them? I know it will vary from person to person but is there a way of telling. I 1st got them due to a ruptured archilles so wanted to have correct shoes when running so I'm aways very cautiouswhen it comes to footwear. At present I run 2 times a week which will be 1 long run (occasionally along a canal towpath but mainly on road) and 1 interval work (usually hour to hour and quarter)

2 -frankly my transition is useless and so I am looking at every detail possible and one is to run with no socks. I have read about putting Vaseline in the shoes ready but all I can find in the shops are the lotions! what exactly should I be looking for?

3 - I usually wearmy number on my race belt under the wetsuit but am I right I don't have to wear this until the bike stage? I think doing this at London last year slowed me down when removing the wet suit after the swim

4 - when I 1st did london for charity in 2007 I got a entry level wetsuit and tri-suit, now I'm taking it more seriously and looking at more than finishing but also doing the best time I can - is it worth investing in a better wetsuit and tri suit?

5 - my cycling could do with being quicker. Any tips? Or would investing in a turbo be worthwhile for this?


  • 1. 4 years is a long time between new trainers. The recommendation is to change trainers at around 500 miles but I find they last a bit longer and depends on the person. Things to look out for when they definately need changing are regular niggling ankle/knee/hip injuries and wrinkling of the foam sole which indicates that the support is collapsing.

    2. Vaseline jelly or Bodyglide (anti blister/chaffing stick) should help



    5. Try doing intervals on your bike too. Hill and speed intervals have been doing wonders for my bike endurance and overall speed.
  • I'm pretty new so I don't about the later questions, but I'd say the running shoes definitely need replacing - the general rule is about 500 miles so after four years they're bound to have worn right down.
  • TRIumphantTRIumphant Posts: 850
    1. Running shoes, change every 500-750 kilometres, about every 50-75 hours.

    2. It's the vaseline petroleum jelly you need, on the inside in the toe box, and around the heel cup. Otherwise use Bodyglide, the same stuff you use around your neck etc for a wetsuit swim. Sockless is OK, up to a distance, say 10k. Make sure you've liberally sprinkled talcum powder into you shoes, makes them easier to get on wet, and use elastic laces if you aren't already soing so.

    3. Number belt under the wetsuit is by far the quickest, and shouldn't result in wetsuit removal taking any longer. Putting the number blet on in T1 will take a few valuable seconds, and could take longer if you balls it up, or forget to do it. If you must put it on it T1, have ait already sone up and then just step into it, much quicker than trying to get the buckle together in a panic.

    4. The best wetsuit is the one thta fits properly, so only you can really answer this one. However, the more expensive wetsuits are less restrictive, so will make the swim marginally less tiring. As to budget tri-suit, agan, if it works, then why fix it. The more expensie ones generally have a better pad, which only really comes into benefit for the lomnger distances.

    5. Get out on your bike more, sprints, hills and intervals. Get a turbo and use it when you can;t get out. Try some TT's.

    Good luck.
  • hitman786hitman786 Posts: 37
    I would recommend you to upgrade now, its a time. Advanced gears will help you now at this stage.
  • As for wetsuit, you should look at 2xU. They use top notch neoprene(stuff you would find in top end suits) but don't charge the earth.
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    In my completely non-expert opinion, you should:

    1, as stated trainers have a limited life cycle, most say 4-500miles or so, personally mine last longer than that as i am light on my feet it will vary but 4 years is waaaaaaayy too long.

    2, do you have elastic laces? if not i would recommend xentex laces, they hold really well and are easy to get on and off. Re the sockless - proper fitting shoes and some practise should see you right. I have done several sprints and one Oly sockless - other than that its been too cold for my little feet (i'm a wus)

    3 - I don't know about it slowing you down - how did it do that? I find getting my feet out is what slows me down - kick and flick is great when i practise always fail on the day though.

    4 - a better wetsuit probably will help with the swim - more flexibility etc so why not. Tri suit - i doubt that you would see much difference

    5 - yep get a turbo (although the weather is starting to pick up so you may want to be outside more) as mentioned get on some hills - hill reps are good! The turbno has definately improved my strength and endurance on the bike. But then, so has actually being able to ride my bike.

    As mentioned, I am in no way an expert, so a large pinch of salt
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