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Bike control techniques for beginners

I have just got my first racing bike and I massivly under estimated how different it is to my mountain bike. I need to build my confidence on it and I am practising however does anyone have any exercises that can help with bike control. Also if anyone can remember the issue of 220 that covered exactly this topic that would be great, the article involved picking a water bottle from the ground and similar things.

Thanks in advance



  • hitman786hitman786 Posts: 37
    Here are some tips which may can help you...

    - Gears on most triathlon bikes are 12-25 on the rear cassette and 39/53 or 30/40/52 on the front chain rings. The larger the rear sprocket size, the easier the gear becomes.

    - You Cadence should be around 80-100

    - On sharp corners, get your inner pedal up and press the outer foot into the pedal at its lowest point. Looking where you want to go and lowering your body makes directing the bike easier. On slight bends, you may be able to pedal through them. Choose a course with a series of twisting descents and junctions to practice cornering.

    - Choosing the right gear to suit your effort level and the terrain will come with experience.

    - Practising your bike skills is as important as building your fitness. Like a pilot, you will need to log many hours before you can feel fully confident to control your machine. Ride your bike often and enjoy learning to become a cyclist.
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