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1st duathlon

I'm doing my 1st duathlon on Sunday , & not being the greatest runner , I need some advice on how to approach the 1st run ?
Do I take it steady ,saving my legs for the bike ,then hang on in the second run ?
Hammer the 1st run , hammer the bike & die on the 2nd run ?


  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Do you absolutely have to win?
    Probably not..so I would pace it out, good run just out of your comfort zone (it is a race after all), but not so much you are killing yourself for the bike, settle in on the bike, burn a bit in the middle & wake up your legs for the next run toward the end..then cane the run leaving nothing behind...but enough pacing to finish with a flourish.
  • bullet, let us know what you did and how you got on, what would you do different etc.
    my first du. next week,
    done countless tri's, am hopeless runner so have no idea how to approach this.
  • longyplongyp Posts: 13
    I did my first duathlon couple of weekends back - 5-22-5. In fact this was my first anything!

    5K run I plodded around as I normally do in training - ~30Mins
    T1 - took me about 3mins plus - bloody terrible!
    22K Bike - I enjoyed this, although windy, overtook several people, felt good - 60 mins
    T2 - Getting off the bike my legs were f***ed.
    5K run - I was crap. Probably could have walked faster - loads of people overtook me. I could only shuffle around and needed several 1 minute breaks :roll:

    It's likely I pushed too hard on the bike (even though the bike time wasn't great).

    The feeling in the legs I had took me by complete surprise.

    ...but you have done tris so you know this feeling?

    All I can offer is don't push too hard on the bike unless you really know what you are doing (unlike me!)
  • bulletbullet Posts: 115
    Thanks for the advice ,

    I am sensible and will go on 'feel' and see what I have left at the end , I can always summon up 'a big finish' no matter how hard I have worked .
    Will let you know how I get on .

    Anyone else doing it by the way '1485 no frills duathlon ' @ Bosworth Water Park ?
  • I completed my first sprint duathlon (5k run - 20k bike - 2.5k run) a few weeks ago. I did the first run at a comfortable pace (21minutes) similar to what i'd do in training. I then went out pretty easy on the bike for the 1st 5k and because I was feeling good and started to push it for the next 10k. My legs were burning a bit, so I slowed down a bit and then basically coasted the last 500m. My bike split was 40minutes. I felt pretty tired, so after transition, I went out quite slowly for the final run, but then thought I have only got a few minutes left and upped the pace. I completed the final 2.5k in just under 12 minutes.

    My advice for what it's worth is good hard but stay within your limits, I saw loads of people walking with their bikes or on the run, which I assume is because they went too hard too early!! Arguably they'd have finished sooner if they'd have gone easier. Hare and the tortoise and all that!
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