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Achilles rupture.. anyone been through it?

Having surgery for a ruptured achilles on Thursday. That's squash for you. Anyone been through this ? seems like I may be out for some time so would appreciate any tips or advice from people who have suffered similar.
Thanks DaveC


  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    Hi Dave, mine wasnt a rupture, just a partial tear mid-Jan. Im assuming the rehab will be very similar though. Its a pain cos running and cycling has been out since then, until a week ago. I found swimming was no prob though, esp with a pullbuoy. I tried a month of stretching and anti-inflams to no avail, walking normally just doesnt let it heal. So i watched a few youtube vids on achilles tendon strapping and taping, bought some tape and taped it every day when I got up. The support really helped the tendon heal by restricting ankle movement and preventing the achilles from flexing. I also spent some time in the gym working upper body strength and burning some cals lifting light weights. Stretching has also been really important, together with balance and propreoception work, and once the pain was gone, I started with calf rasies and strengthening stuff.

    I think giving it proper rest is the most important thing though, and if you need to strap it and use crutches, stick to them properly till its ready. good luck.
  • JezmondJezmond Posts: 1
    Hi Dave, I ruptured mine about 9 months ago playing squash as well (only my 3rd ever game!). Everyone's different and will heal differently but, for me, there were a few key things.

    There seems to be two sets of thinking post operation - those who go for a cast for the full 12 weeks, and those who go for the inflatable boot for some of that time. Both have their pros and cons, one being that the boot gives you more mobility and apparently helps regain flexibility quicker. My surgeon strongly believed in the cast for the full period - he felt it was the best way to go in the long term as it helped the achilles heal stronger.

    Once out of the cast it was all about the physio. Everyone says you need to get a good physio and to do exactly what they say. I can't say I followed the plan 100%, but looking back I should have. I did start gently on the advice of my surgeon and made sure I didn't get pushed into doing anything too strenuous too soon. The key things are regaining flexibility and regaining strength in your calf. Again, all I can say is to do your exercises religiously. I didn't and although my flexibility is good, I didn't do enough on the strength building exercises and I'm having to catch up now, which is causing problems pretty much every where else in my leg as the other muscles try to compensate for it.

    I was cycling pretty soon after I was out of the cast, albeit it very gently, which was great. Unfortunately it all takes time. I was told it can take 12 months to get back to 90% of where you were. 9 months on and I'm feeling more confident on it and am just starting on really trying to get fit again.

    Hope the op goes well and good luck.
  • DaveCDaveC Posts: 15
    Thanks for the comments. Had surgery on Saturday, anaesthetic knocked me for six the next day. Leg up for a week now then try start doing something.
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