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Tough Guy in January 2007

Has anyone been brave enough to do this event before if so can you please tell me what its like and also where is the best place to stay the night before ???



  • Rich_CRich_C Posts: 152

    Ive not done the winter one but have done the summer one.

    I know a few guys who have done the winter and they say that its very VERY cold in the water! LOL.

    Unless your an elite cross country runner/road runner or are very lucky to start in the front squad and make a superb start then you can forget about racing round as you will get chocked up in 'traffic' and spend most of the assualt course waiting or walking between obsticles as there are bottle necks everywhere and these even start on the cross country run after about 400 meters at the first bend!

    Its an extreme fun run more than a race if your not in the first 200 runners to hit the first bend as places to overtake runners is very limited.

    As its a charity event its all for a good cause, even if the entry fee (IMHO) is very high!

    Cross Country shoes are a must as trainers just wont grip and my running mate fell 3 times due to this, he bust his legs up quite bad and suffered 50% nettle rash when he fell 30FT into a bush[:o]

    Have fun buddy[:D]

    Cheers, Rich

  • Rich_CRich_C Posts: 152
    Forgot to say, around 4000 people do the winter run and thus getting accomodation can be very hard. The place is hard to find also.

    You can stay at the event site in a barn for a small fee im told. As daft as it sounds it supposed to be a good night as they have a camp fire and barbeque etc.

    If you have supporters going with you id advise you pack food to take as when i run there was a single hotdog van and the queue was about a mile long. OK im stretching the truth, it was about 1400 meters[:D]

    Regards, Rich
  • Brave man or Daft!!!

    I have done it twice now both times were the January one, first time was to prove I could do it and the second was to prove it wasn’t a fluke the first time and I did it with an ironing board and iron strapped to my back, does that make me an ironman???

    It’s an absolutely great event but it is more about mental strength rather than fitness, I have been doing endurance stuff for a number of years and this event is by far the toughest. Its just soooo cold and just as you think you can’t get colder there is another water obstacle and no amount of crying and pleading will make it go away.

    Quick tip wear very light socks and shorts and maybe a quick dry top do not be tempted to wear anything more or to thick no matter how cold as it will just keep a hold of the water and make you colder. Get a few woolly hats and gloves and give them to a friend to pass out to you as you come out of the water and discard the wet ones. Also get a shower cap, honest, wear that under the hat and your head will generate more much needed warmth.

    Not sure about places to stay but it is just outside Wolverhampton so there should be loads of places around there.

    [color=#800080]http://www.stevemcmenamin.co.uk[/color] and follow the tough guy link
  • Rich_CRich_C Posts: 152
    Are you one of the 'Extreme ironers'? The group who got banned from the event for throwing ironing boards and irons over high obsticles and endangering other runners?[;)]

    TBH i think the Tough Guy event has produced a Mythical "Aura" arounds itself thats simply notting like the reality of the event.

  • Would not throw anything except my legs over high obstacles as you should only take the board off your back to iron… or if it is likely to fall as on the tight ropes.[:(]

    True (although you may be doing the event a disservice) on the mythical aura stuff but a great high when you finish such an event it is such a tough event mentally rather than physically, one I would recommend if you want to challenge yourself.
  • can anyone please tell me how long the vietcong tunnels are and how long I should expect to be inside them for?
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