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Planet X Stealth Carbon Pro for everyday?

I've been doing Tri's for about five years now, and have always used a road bike (Specialized Roubaix) with normal drop bars without tri bars fitted.
I've never ridden with Tri bars or ridden specific TT/ Tri bikes - but am very aware that I should make the move for all of the benefits. Although, I've had a brief go on friends bikes, and am pretty sure I can accomodate the different riding conditions.

Now I'm in a fortunate position that i have enough Money to get a £2k bike and was just going to go for the Planet x stealth pro carbon, and stick with it as both a training and a racing bike - ie make sure I get used to it? And use it for 'everyday' use.
Anyone got any advice out there that may help with whether that is the right way to go about the transition? Or whether this bike is good for everyday use?


  • stevsterstevster Posts: 73
    I have a Stealth Pro Carbon and I do use it for training but only in decent weather however Im sure the bike can handle it. In bad weather I sometimes put it on the turbo trainer. It does take a bit of getting used to especially going up hills, it just feels slightly alien to my trek madone.
    I would however change the wheels for a set of training ones rather than the (probable) carbon tubs that come with it, and dont forget to change the carbon brake pads.
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