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Castles triathlon Swim

I know its predominately southerners on here but anyone doing the castles triathlon next month prepare your self for a harsh swim!!

Managed around 45 minute swimming at the swim venue last night and to say it was cold is an under statement!!

On the other hand well worth it beautiful clear water to swim in with awesome scenery.

Dam cold though!!


  • 101SUSY101SUSY Posts: 53
    I'm doing it, and to say I'm extremely worried about it is a bit of an understatement. I have never swum in the sea before, and this is my first Olympic distance. I am going to have a little swim next weekend in Scarborough, and also practice in my wetsuit the day before the race. My plan is just to finish ! I don't care about the time !

    Good luck though, the thought of the scenery is the only thing getting me through it I think !
  • TrisurferTrisurfer Posts: 228
    Excellent! you'll love it!

    I'm planning on a few dips before the race to try and climitise to the cold!

    Judging by the winning times last year around 2.30 mark I'm expecting it to be a hard day after the swim also!!

    All the best with your race!
  • 101SUSY101SUSY Posts: 53
    Thanks very much, I'm hoping it's going to be a great day. I knew it was going to be tough, I read about it in 220 magazine ('Britain's Hardest Triathlons' - I should have taken the hint, I'm not sure whatever possessed me to enter it !!!!), I think I just fancied a challenge with a bit of character.

    I found a cold water tip in a magazine today - two hats ! It also suggested putting the strap for your goggles under your hat so they don't get dislodged by flailing feet.

    Have a great race....!
  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Last year was very windy. From the south. Guess which way the bike route was!

    The swim last year was more like 2km than 1.5km in very choppy clear cold water.

    Bike route was fairly flat but the run was very hilly & off road.

    Smashing event though.
  • TrisurferTrisurfer Posts: 228
    Nice one you doing it again this year?

    better the wind in the south, if its from the north I imagine the swim will be cancelled!

    I tried a 2nd dip on Saturday, it was 18 degrees and this time in a pair of shorts! super cold could only manage a couple of minutes fully submerged at a time!

    The young kids at the beach put me to shame! they were in for ages!!
  • 101SUSY101SUSY Posts: 53
    Promised update from Scarborough - bloody perishing (I realise this is hardly comparative science). I managed a sustained paddle. There were loads of cold, miserable looking surfers so maybe I'll be able to manage half an hour in a wetsuit !

    However, having now received my race email, I'm not so much worried about the physical demands as the intellectual rigours - how am I going to remember what stuff goes in which bag and what to do with it ?! As if I haven't got enough to be anxious about !

  • TrisurferTrisurfer Posts: 228
    Dam right it's cold,

    spent the weekend surfing without hood or gloves to try and climatize! (I wouldn't be looking miserable though!!)

    Its the top of my head where I get cold, think the 2 swim caps is the option for me!

    Just had a look at my race e-mail it it does look rather complicated!!

    T2 is going to be fun trying to locate your pre-planted stuff!!

    Have a good one on Sunday, enjoy carb loading!! I will!
  • 101SUSY101SUSY Posts: 53
    Really well done to anyone who did this today !

    I started plumb last and finished, er in more or less the same place...

    It was brilliant though and for all I was freaking out about the sea swim beforehand I thought it was the easiest bit ! My bike was hopeless as usual, and virtually the whole field passed me !!! Very demoralising !

    Great run though and lovely marshals, especially the lady at the bottom of the hill in the run *applauds*

    See you next year....
  • mitch21mitch21 Posts: 1
    RE: Castles tri this was my first triathlon and I really enjoyed it many thanks to marshalls and organisers, the bike let me down a bit must save some cash for a new bike.

    The sea swim was cold but in North Sea so you can't expect any different, well worth doing recommend it for next year.
  • TrisurferTrisurfer Posts: 228
    Same awesome race,

    Hardly noticed the cold during the swim, just felt a bit dizzy running up the beach!

    worried about the rain on the way to the event!

    The hill on the run was a killer 5 times!! The tidy bird at the bottom of the hill def helped that part for me!
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