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Knee Problem

I've got a knee injury in training over the last couple of weeks, happened after a brick session, and was wondering if anyone else has had the same .... it's on the inside of my right knee, the pain is kind of just to the left of my kneecap.

I notice it most when running but I've been messing with my bike fitting a bit recently and was wondering if that is causing it. I did my 1st sprint of the season yesterday and the knee is very stiff and sore today. Great timing to get an injury !

Has anyone else experienced this and if so what was the cause/solution ?


  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    Im not sure of whats casuing that, but over the years Ive found when I get knee pains, I strengthen my leg muscles at the gym, even after a couple of sessions I get more stability around the kneecap and it helps.
  • ironkavironkav Posts: 259
    Quick trip to the physio first but after that youd be surprised how 3-4 weeks of lunges, squats, foam rolling the ITB, deep hamstring, calf stretches would sort your problem..

    My knees are at me too. But its always a case of muscle imbalance or a lack of good stretching.

    If that doesnt help, more physio or orthotics might be needed.

    (Not a doctor, Not a physio)
  • gparkergparker Posts: 11
    I was at the Dr today for something else and mentioned my knee issue to him. He does a bit of running himself and said he has the same issue .... he advised rest from running, none for 2 weeks. Initially he said 6 weeks but saw the look of horror on my face and said 2 weeks should help ! Said to use a knee support when training for a while on both bike and run. Said I could still swim and bike over the next 2 weeks so will just use the next couple of weeks to improve both.

    I'll take on board the building up of the leg muscles, it's something I don't really do .... I use time as an excuse not to do any weights/strengthening excercises but I'll have to work it into my schedule.

    Thanks for the advice .....
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