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Out of retirement, How unfit am i?

Its been 5 seasons since i trained properly, (when i trained about 15hrs a week and race sub 2 hrs olympic distance) in that time i've swam about 3 times a week, ran sometimes and biked never!

How do i work out the training volume i could currently handle without getting injured?


  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    <complete guess>

    same as you would someone that has never trained/exercised that starts tri I guess. Start small and increment until it feels tough... use that as a base line to really start from.

    As it is you already have some baseline with 3 x run and a swim... you obviously have experince from before so you don;pt need advice on what to do in your plan... but add a swim or two, and a couple of short bikes and see how it feels .

    welcome back:-)

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