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Running pains

Over the last fw weeks i have been getting a sharp pain in my achillies that occurs after i have been for a run it doesnt matter how far i run the pain just seems to happen. i have had my running shoes for a few month and had my gait tested when i got them so i dont think it is the shoes. also every now and again i get sciatica (dont know if this is the right spelling) could anyone advise on wether i am doing too much or how to over come this problem as it is starting to relly hamper my running now.....


  • ShaggyShaggy Posts: 140
    google 'achilles tendonitis' everything says stop running. Initially RICE. Bike/swim all fine.

    Do lots of standing on step on ball of foot and lowering heel slowly, hold at bottom and lift smoothly. One leg at a time. + Focus on hamstring stretches. + Self-massage achilles (you tube clips) lots, and foam roller soleus (calf muscles generally, but this one specifically). Kinesio tape helps. Physio can help (they'll do the massage stuff and stretchy stuff +ultrasound or equivalent) and make you cry. (when you see the bill)

    Switch to running on a trampette, barefoot to a 180 bpm download from podrunner.com with 10 mins high knees (waist high, no slouching!!) at 180 bpm will get you the equivalent of a mile/mile and half LT interval. 5 mins low knees, repeat. Watch out when you stop, it feels like you've been at sea. That's your speed sessions sorted, good for mid/forefoot technique too. Support with core/strength work. Nordic ski machine gives a good no impact run replacement. After each, stretch really well and ice the achilles.

    Once it starts to feel a little better, do 2/3 of your normal run on trampette and pop on shoes to finish normally. You can do transition runs from bike to trampette too, really effective.

    To everyone - trampette is fantastic. I'll be doing most of my really intense running on one from now on to reduce impact. Seriously - I bet there is one in your house that isn't used. Or one of those big ones in your garden. Give it a go, it's tough. You have to have a high cadence to beat the 'bounce' and drive your knee straight up to waist+ high, pick a focus point to maintain balance and drive your arms like you're running a 5k.

    All advice tried and tested by me and my physio. I ignored that initial stiffness in the achilles and wish I hadn't. :roll: Outlaw in 2 weeks. All run training as described above for last 2 months. 38 minute run at Dambuster (and I thought I was a 42 minute 10k runner) on the back of this.

    hope it helps/provokes debate.
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