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Tyre PSI for road racing


Am relatively new to triathlons and with less than a week until doing the olympic London triathlon I have just checked the PSIs on my 4 month old Spcialized Allez Sport. Both tyres are down at about 25, and the recommended pressure is 115-125...

What PSI does everyone normally use for road racing? Have gone up to 115 but the tyres feel like rocks, although I haven't been out on the road yet...

Thoughts/hints/tips gratefully received.



  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Depends on the tyre but I take it you got the pressure from the tyre sidewall. 115-125 sounds about right and yes they should be rock hard for traction and also reduces risk of punture.
  • As a general rule on 21/23 tyres:

    In the dry 110 front and 120 rear.

    In the wet 100 front and 100 rear.
  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Higher is usually better in terms of speed and puncture resistance. Good point about dropping the PSI for wet weather, though.

    Personally, I run the maximum that either my tyres or wheels will allow - but that is just a preference.

    Do be careful if you are racing on a hot day especially if your bike is parked out in the sun or left in the car for a while (though neither of these will likely apply to London tri)... The sound of tyres bursting as they heat up in transition is a really sad noise to hear.

    I did this myself at Weymouth Middle Distance when I put my bike in the car the day before to make the journey to the B&B. I left it in there for a few hours before I left on a scorching day with the tyres inflated to 145psi. You'll not be surprised to learn that when I got the bike out of the car at 5am the next day there was precisely 0psi in the rear!! Also, I only had one spare tube so I fitted it and for the first time ever I did the 90km bike leg without a spare tube.

    Keep your pressures at least 10% below maximum for a hot day.
  • I normally ride at about 100-110psi.

    25psi will be slowing you down a lot......if you haven't got one already you should get a 'track pump', these are the stand up type pumps that will allow you to get a decent pressure in your tyres.....

    Definitely get them tyres pumped up for London! And have a great race
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