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Rapid removal of wetsuit!!!

My last Tri was an odd one, swim was good but T1 was as bad as it could have been. Family about 5 feet away chearing me on didn't really help. Specially when 3 year old daughter asked for a kiss, ah bless.
Just about to leave T1 and didn't have number belt on, had to re-rack bike to do this, out of T1 only to drop and break sunglasses on a 20% hill. Had to stop and pick up the bits then hill start, what a Bugger!

How do I get out of my wetsuit quickly? Was gonna put Vasaline on wrists and ankles but found out its not good for the neoprene.

Is there a product designed for this?

The rest of the transition process will be practiced as much as the other 3 diciplines from now on.

Any help would be appreciated.


  • Its all in the speed at which you try.....

    look at this....

  • You'll have to log in to facebook to watch the video......I can't share it with non-users
  • adupuyadupuy Posts: 13
    Thats very good, but I can do that in my garden. 20 mins after a swim is very different.
    Was hoping for some more practical advice.
  • I've done this after an open water session, the essence of it is what you need to emulate. The trick is to 'whip' the arms out first - in one fast movement, then push the suit as low as you can to the ankles and kick the suit off like in the vid......I'm telling you it works a treat.....at least try it.

    I never had any lube on. But it is a good idea to try to 'fill' the suit up with water just before exiting (grab the neck and pull it from your skin to 'scoop' some water in.......its bloody cold but it helps to free the suit up a bit.

    Just trying to help :roll:
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Baby oil on arms and legs, Bodyglide for neck and wrists and remove exactly as Gary showed on the video.

    When you stand up from the swim and start to exit you will be removing your hat and goggles, unzipping, then en route to your bike pulliing down the top half of the suit removing your arms in the process. By the time you reach the bike your top half will be uncovered; the bottom half is removed exactly as Gary showed.
  • adupuyadupuy Posts: 13
    Looks like I will have to practice a bit more in my garden, and hope nobody has a video camera, not sure I can take the abuse your mates gave you on facebook.

    I'm a sensitive sort.

    Next race in 2 weeks and need to get it right.

    Cheers chaps.
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    without watching Garys video I don't know but i'm sure he knows what he's doing. To get arms out quickly - lift your arms straight up - not at all outwards ortherwise you get stuck. I don't use any lube around ankles wrists etc, and have no trouble - I managed to get out of my suit is 6 seconds after a f**king cold OW swim earlier this year - it took me about 20s max at IMCH last month. Last year it took me a few minutes, a sit down and some help after an Oly swim as i didn't know how to do it...practise makes perfect. Arms straight up, pull down to waist, push the legs down and then 'step' out of it as it were...I'm sure its in Gary video
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