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Hello to you all my name is Anthony,
This is my first post and am really looking for a few pointers, I'm doing my first triathlon on the 12th sept at dorny lake 400m swim, Will i look a berk if i have to do some of it doing the breastroke as at the moment i cant swim more than 75m before i get out of breath but can finish the 400m in about 15 mins without stopping, Also im training 6 times a week at mo thats is two of each swim bike and run, of which bikeing is no problems form me and i can jogg a good few miles, As such i have no wetsuit and am looking at 2xu team 0 or orca equip (me being 6ft 1" 88kgs 35 waist and 42ish chest ) so was looking at LT for 2xu and size 8 in orca.
Any help for a novice would be great.

Many Thanks


  • GeneralGeneral Posts: 26
    Good morning and welcome,

    I am doing my first Triathlon on the 14th september at Tatton Park(Cheshire). Really looking forward to it now. Like you i have been training hard but the swim is the biggest fear/concern. As breaststroke is currently my strongest stroke, i like you was concerned whether i would look an idiot flapping around at the back of the pack!!! Having asked the very same questions as you in the past it would appear that there is no problem at all with doing breaststroke throughout some, if not all the swim leg, as it is more common than you would think! If you are considering doing both breaststroke and crawl make sure that you are aware of your surroundings, a change from crawl to breaststroke may result in you giving another swimmer a good kick to the face.

    As for which wetsuit is best, not all wetsuits fit all, so the best advice would be to try get yourself to a tri based store to try a few on for size.

    I hope that has helped. Enjoy!!!
  • Hi,
    Many thanks for that i will have to try and find a shop near me in Bracknell to try a few on then as that does seem the best idea.

    Hope your triathlon goes well also.

  • One more question where is my nearest westsuit shop apart from SBR in windsor pls.
    Many Thanks
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Hi and welcome

    In reverse order:
    Wetsuit; getting the right fit is important so either go to a shop or find out where the nearest/next triathlon is, find out who is at the expo and ask them to take along some suits that may fit you. That way you can try them on with the opinion (hopefully) of someone who knows what to look for. I would also think that there will probably be wetsuit hire on the event; again give them a call and give your sizing.
    One good thing about a hire is that if you decide it's not for you (as if that is going to happen - you will get bitten my friend) then you will not lose much. If you decide to buy then quite often the hire fee will be deducted from the price.

    Breaststroke; don't worry about it, you may want to ask the marshals about where to start so that you do not impede faster swimmers and also do not get swum over.

    Have a good one.
  • Hi Zacnici,
    Thanks for the advice did have a bit of luck today which makes a bloody change for me, whilst looking at wiggle site they had some reparied orca s3 in stock for £49.50 so i jumped in with both feet so at least if it dont fit i can send it back and if it does bargin, As it's my first triathlon like you say i might get bitten, don't think i could even hire one for that price plus i spent a £1 more and used a £5 off voucher, will let you know if it fits .

  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Excellent news, excellent price. Wiggle are very good with returns.
  • pippip Posts: 170
    Don't worry about doing breaststoke mate.I did my first 2 tri's doing breastroke and one of them was Tatton Park Olympic distance.Just make sure you're at the back of the pack when you start, then you won't get in anyones way.The only thing i would suggest is do a bit of open water swimming beforehand if you can, because the first time i swam in a lake i was a bit daunted to say the least.It' quite different from pool swimming.
    I'm doing Tatton Olympic again this year and the atmosphere is fab,so you,ll enjoy yourself.
    PS You will be hooked,mark my words
  • GeneralGeneral Posts: 26
    Bargain on the wetsuit mate. Just had a look for myself and they have none in my size left, gutted! Like you say you have nothing to lose for that price. Let me know if it fits ok and what sort of condition it is in when it arrives. definately keep my eyes open for such offers in the future.

    Training going well?
  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    a change from crawl to breaststroke may result in you giving another swimmer a good kick to the face.
    That's the only reservation I have about breast-stroke in a mass start. Be aware that you may be a danger to other swimmers so keep clear at the start and check behind if you're switching strokes.

    One other thing... please make sure you have tried your wetsuit out in advance. Particularly make sure you try breast stroke in it. Many cheaper suits are designed to give a lot of leg lift so are quite thick and restrictive in the legs and are very, very floaty. I naturally have floaty legs anyway, but with my wet-suit on my legs are so high that I can barely do a FC kick and it is simply not possible for me to swim BS as my feet are just kicking air.

    Give it a go.

    Enjoy your racing!
  • HI The orca s3 wetsuit did arrive but was unable to do up the back , so rather than risk it i sent it back for full refund, The suit was in very good nick could not see the repair, so i really need a size 9 now but none left but they did say they have more comeing very soon and keep watching there website, Training is going ok nearly finished week 3 of the six and still training 6 days a week, swimming is ok no david hasslehoff here im afraid but swimming bit more on crawl but not enough for full distance .
  • wraghwragh Posts: 6
    No issue about doing breastroke, after all it's your race and who cares what you look like. If you're doing a mass start hang to the sides a bit so you don't block anyone, but just do your best and set a time. When you're fitter blitzing the time in freestyle will make you feel good!
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