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So cold it hurt!

Was swimming at the local lido yesterday and couldn't swim more than a few lengths because it was so cold. I was wearing a wetsuit but my face and feet were frozen. I am competing this weekend at the Windfarmer and do not want to have the same issues so any advice would be very helpful - apart from the obivous - Man up!



  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Theres no real fix for the cold as you wouldnt want to swim in wetsuit boots. Face wize I would just try and get used to the temp before you start the swim.
  • I just wait for my feet, hands and face to go numb.......then I can't feel the cold
  • Try wearing mittens. Body heat will help keep your hands warmer. By putting 2 pair of gloves they may just be tight & if your hands can't move freely they get colder.


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  • the coldnes is really hard problem. if the warm suit don't do the work it's a problem.
    you can move to a swimming poll but there is now ather solution.
    it's the big problem of all the swimmers.
    GOOD LUCK!!!
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