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Fortis I-Magic VR Trainer multiplayer

I have just had a massive result as the missus has just bought me one of the above as an early xmas present. I seem to remember someone on here stating that you can download any ride from mapmyride.com to the trainer with TT2 software from Tacx. Does anyone know how to do this? i.e. could I download the London Tri Westminster cycle route for example and then ride it on my trainer?


  • Yep, you need to find the route, save it as a gpx file then when on tts import it. Simples.

    You will find this site very usefull


    I have one and it is brilliant, once you actually get it working. I prefer the Real live videos where you can do iconic rides like Alpes D'huez, Tourmalet or Ventoux. Awesome stuff.
  • Nice one mate. Cheers, Im Spartacus, that's a great help.
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