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London Triathlon - Accomodation Recommendations

Afternoon fellow triathletes.

In my first year of Triathlon i have taken the plunge and entered the London Tri olympic distance. While i'm pretty confident about competing in the event, getting there, finding parking and somewhere to stay the night is a completely different issue.

Could anyone with experience of the event throw some suggestions my way, i'm based in Ipswich and was thinking about driving down VERY early that morning but something tells me that finding parking on the day could be a bl00dy nightmare.



  • QuitterQuitter Posts: 160
    Plenty of parking at Excel and very easy to get into and out of, in fact its all very well contained.
    Accomodation is another matter as all the surrounding hotels are booked up unless you can afford the 4* ones?
    They're supposed to open up 6am but were a bit late Sun morning last year causing a few agitated athletes that had to get racked first thing. But everyone got in ok.

    Hyde Park? Totally another story....park the car at Ipswich and walk in
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