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Getting quicker

Hi all,

I am getting really frustrated at the minute. I am cruising in the pool, flying on the bike. Yet I seem to find it hard to get under 9 minute miles on the run.

What am I doing wrong. I follow a scedule from a book I got for christmas which is great, however they do a few fartlek sessions, hills etc, which I can do no problem.

But when it states do 45 minutes run at moderate pace. I manage to do just under 5 miles in this time. My first few miles are 8 minute milers, then for some unknown reason I drop rapidly. It is becuase I have previously only really run 3.2 miles as a max for training.

I know most people will say track sessions etc. Which I can easily do, but as soon as the 5 mile comes up, and I try to speed up a little, I am knackered.

Help. It is really frustrating.


  • tomroomtomroom Posts: 33
    Hey Jason,

    How's your long easy run standing at the moment? My view is that you need a consistant weekly run of an hour or more at a steady/easy pace in order to be able to do a 45min run at a moderate pace. The rest of your sessions soundlike you're getting a good mix but maybe just not enough easy miles?


  • Jason,

    I've found that sprint sessions on a treadmill work for me. However; rather then use a slow pace to recover I will run at say 13km for 3mins then sprint at 16 or 17km for 2mins before going back to 13km. I know this is similar to track sessions but its sped me up over longer distances (knocked 20mins off my half marathon time!). Failing that try going for pure distance and ignore the time for a few runs.

    hope that helps
  • gerrymcgerrymc Posts: 17
    I'm no expert but I would suggest trying to drop your pace even further to increase your enduance to 7/8 miles, the fact that you are slowing down in mile 5 indicates you don't have the endurance. Also don't be trying to test it too often, once a week at most is enough to be pushing it with running. You may see better gains that way.
  • JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    I am really appreciative of this thanks.

    From reading your replies, i think I will change from one 45 minute run, and a running machine session.

    The weekend run will be a slow 10hour run.

    So thanks for that.

    I haven't run these distances in about 12 years. I have only started running about a max of 2.5 miles since last year, and that was on and off.

    So maybe I was starting a bit too ambitious there.

  • gerrymcgerrymc Posts: 17
    Jason: [:D]If you manage that 10 hour run that you listed above, you won't be doing too bad.[:D]
  • DOtriHarderDOtriHarder Posts: 307

    You expect to race over 6.2 miles after swimming a mile and cycling 25 miles? You will need to run 6 - 8 miles at one time, near race pace regularly. If you can do three runs per week, I would suggest one long run 8-10 miles (build to this over a couple of months) keep this at an aerobic pace (where you can hold a conversation) but not too easy. the second run could be 6 miles and hard, this could be intervals fartlek or tempo, the third run can be 6 again at aerobic pace. If you can't run 6.2 fast enough yet then build the distances first, give your legs the knowledge then speed them up.

  • JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    Thanks for that.

    I think I will do three run a week.

    Weekend will be long run starting 8 miles, at a comphortable pace.

    First week session will 2.7 miles, with speed work, fartleks etc.

    Second run will be 5 mile at best pace I can achieve.

    I think that encorporates, enduarance, getting used to running longer distances at a decent pace, and speed work to enable a quicket pace.

    Thanks for that.

    I would be mightily impressed if I could run 10 hours. lol

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