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Training Half IM as prep for IM

Just looking for a bit of advice from some of you experienced people out there, hoping to do a half as part of training (probably alone, with no back-up) and am just enquring when would be the ideal time to do this.

I feel I could do all the distances ok but don't wanna risk injury by pushing things too hard too early.

I would like the idea of doing it on 2 occasions, first time to basically just cover the distance and see how transitions and nutrition work,. second time purely as race prep when I would be focusing on pacing as well.

Would this be advised and if so when?

My race is IM Austria on July 8 (yikes)


  • at least four weeks before your big race give you time to taper
  • rickshawrickshaw Posts: 3
    I am following a programme by Don Fink, which is 30 weeks. 10 base, 10 build and 10 peak. Half IM is scheduled at week 22.

    Rick Shaw
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