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London Tri: Westminster Bike route

Quick question to anyone racing the Westminister route for the Olympic distance on Sunday morning:

How many times do we go around Beckton roundabout?

The official paperwork suggests that it is only once, but believe that it may need to be twice to take it to the full 40km distance. I've reached out a few times to the organisers but have not heard back.


  • Good luck hearing anything back from the organisers - they are very slow to respond to anything.

    I contacted them last year before signing up for the event to find out what groups would go out on the Sunday morning so I could arrange travel back up to Scotland. I was told it would be the male open category and consequently entered in that category only to find out when the wave times came out I was racing in the afternoon - long story short - can't make last train and have had to book the sleeper at considerable expense plus book a flight to get my missus back up the road for work on Monday. When I contacted them to try and reschedule in another wave they were very unhelpful despite me having an e-mail proving they had told me I would be racing in the morning.

    Anyway - sorry to rant on your post - frustration took over.

    Hope you get sorted out!

  • wayfarerwayfarer Posts: 34

    To cover off your response, they came back to me last night with confirmation:

    "To Beckton twice – two laps – leave ExCel – Billingsgate turn – past ExCeL – Beckton turn – past ExCeL - Westminster turn – past Excel – Beckton turn – Finish ExCeL"
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