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Hi all,

I am currently trying complete my swim times quicker, I can complete 1500 m but in a very slow time 40mins. no matter how much i try i can not improve my time. Has anyone get any suggestions or having the same problem.

thanks for any input and advice.


  • You could try and break your 1500m down when in training. For example, once you've warmed up why not try and do 15 x 100m with a set rest in between e.g 30 seconds; or work off a set time per 100m e.g. 2mins. Set out at a faster pace than normal for each 100m and try to maintain this pace throughout.

    Alternatively you could do the same set but start out at an easy pace (15-30s slower than your fastest 100m) for the 1st 100m and then reduce the time by 1 or 2 seconds per 100m until the last 100m is flat out.

    Also visit www.swimming.org/swimfit and download some ready made session plans and stroke technique tips.

    If you're based in London visit http://www.swimmingoffers.orgto download vouchers for cheap entry into your local pool.

    Hope that helps.
  • Jerry45Jerry45 Posts: 3
    I suggest you to visit this link.....www.swimming.org/swimfit .......
  • LancsRiderLancsRider Posts: 205
    I think the simple answer is that you simply have to learn how to push it in training. Anything that is a repetitive action and we do over and over again will create muscle memory patterns that we can easily fall back on without too much thought, walking and cycling cadence being two other examples to swimming. Sometimes we simply repeat the same pace over greater and greater distances, without ever addresing basic speed development. I think what you need to do is to break out of your old muscle memory pattern which at times is not easy.

    I have found the best way to do this is to really push it hard over a short set distance say 5 x 100m by working on a faster arm turnover for example, make sure you rest between sets to be able to maintain focus. This takes both physical and a lot of mental effort. Once you can handle this new pattern for 100m then move it up to 200m sets at this new pace, at the end of which you will really be hanging on for dear life for a few pool sessions. Once 200 is mastered work through 500, 1000 and eventually you will have driven the pace change into your stroke. This will not happen overnight and it is something which you really have to want to push hard with whilst having patience.

    It may help having someone faster in the lane to push you on. I used to think that a better swimmer coming into my swim lane at the pool was a negative thing. Now I see it as a real opportunity to use them in pushing myself to new levels, even if this is for only short distances. Keep track of what your times are for various set distances and mix things up in training so as not to fall into repeat patterns such as always going to the pool, swimming the same distance at the same pace as a matter of simple routine.
  • MarshalMarshal Posts: 4
    I am not much quick in swimming and i am practicing hard to swim fast because it is a trick and it is very effective art and i like to swim as it is a best exercise for full body workout.

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  • Hi, I've improved my swim 100m time from 2 mins to 1 min 40secs in 6 months. I know I've improved but I'd love some feedback on how whether this is good for the average person. Can anyone help?
  • LancsRiderLancsRider Posts: 205
    In reply to the 1min 40 sec 100m question is this a good time?

    Firstly this depends on what your goals are in triathlon? This may equate to a good pace in comparison to your current goals or it may be a long way off where you want to get to, that is for you to decide and not for us to comment on.

    What I would say is that as a predominantly skills based element of our sport there is the possibility for us to continue to improve our times well into the future. You have shown this to be the case over the past six months. When I train I tend to look at three areas. Firstly skills and focus in the water at improving my stroke dynamics. Secondly I then try to take stroke improvements into my shorter sets 100m and 200m looking for benchmark improvements in speed but also stroke turn over, strokes per 100m etc. The final part of the jigsaw, and often the hardest part, is then building this technique and speed improvement into longer and longer sets up to 1000m and continuous race pace distance efforts.

    Be very carefull that you do not develop 2 strokes, one which is good for 100m or so, and your main stroke which is suitable for going up and down the pool lane and is transfarable into a race scenario. I find it is a constant process of working in all areas which leads to real gains. The key is consistency, swim as much as you can fit in, and patience. There will be times when you hit a platau you just have to keep working hard and after a while a breakthrough set is often just around the corner.
  • gavinpgavinp Posts: 168
    Hi Edward
    I would recommend joining a triathlon club with good coaches instead of guessing what's wrong with your swim technique. That way you will get good tips on improving your stroke and decent sessions every week. You'll see a massive improvement over a short time period. If you start right at the beginning of your base training - around November/December time depending on when you start, then you'll be ready to rock at the start of next season

    Have fun!
  • If we bring it back to basics it's most like a combination of technique, fitness, strength and flexibility. I'd look at your flexibility first. Are you restricted in your ability to get into the right position with your stroke? If not, then technique would be the next thing followed by strength and fitness.
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