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What training...etc What point?

Sorry to be a bit negative, but I just dont get the "what training have you done today" post. Does anyone read what other people do? or is it just a way of getting the feel good factor by making it public?

Im personally bored of seeing the subject, I know I dont have to read page after page if I dont want to. I just dont get the point of it and wondered if anybody does? or for that matter reads what everyone else has done. No offence meant to the author.


  • chischis Posts: 94
    You are correct - you don't have to read any of it if you don't want to! However, some people may be interested in how other colleagues train - they may want to read about other athlete's training in order to pick up ideas for themselves. I am sure that few people log their efforts for the sake of bragging as you seem to imply.

  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Hi,it might be more pertinent if people posted the results of their efforts,in comparison to their training,someone who can 'jog'5 miles may blowup running 3 miles at race pace.It is not distance it is quality, remember practice does not make perfect,practice makes permanent so practice badly and be bad permanently if you get my drift.
  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    Theres nothing wrong with bragging about something you've done. However with such a diverse lvel of athletes from different parts of the world I dont see what interest someones training regime in Norfolk could be to someones in thre Highlands?

    Im not condeming anyone for subscribing to the post, just expressing an opinion and wondered if I was missing something.

    Totally agree with jon.E. Id much rather read about someones effort if its gained a great result! ie knocked 5mins off a sprint due to a change in their training. Rather than " I ran five miles today with a sore ankle and a cold".

  • Managed to eat both my cheese sandwich cup of juice and an apple in 36 seconds today. This is a PB for me!!!
  • PeaNutPeaNut Posts: 6
    I'm new to this forum but I don't mind reading the thread to see what other people are up to. As with other forums I go on if I don't like the thread I just ignore it.
  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    Welcome peanut, you'll have plenty to read on that particular post then, but garantee you'll be bored by about page 5, ha ha. I can ignore it too but usually have a look to see if theres anything interesting on it, which is very occasional.

    Middleofthepack-I Hope you flossed after that [:D]
  • chischis Posts: 94
    Boring it may well be, depending on what you want to get from it - but you can't get away from it - it has got you lot contributing to the forum!! Also, take a look at the original thread and see the number of hits and replies - seems to be popular doesn't it?

  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    You're dead right there chis, the early replies certainly got people talking and it was interesting. But latterly it seems to be did this did that etc or slept in.....blah blah. I just wondered if anyone else felt the same and if so, it might get the post a bit more interesting again.

    Its a very easy thread to reply. I will still keep having a look though, and hopefully get the occasional thread of inspiration.

    .....the moving finger wrote and having writ moved on.....
  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    Another moan I have about this thread is whats the point when nobody knows what age, level of ability the subscriber is? As most people dont fill in details on profile.Id gladly read and possibly use some of the training days people do if I thought it possible. But there is no sense in me tying to compare my standard to a top athlete of say 20yo or a 60yo who has seen better days for that matter. Istill dont get this thread.
  • I have to say that i tend to have a look just to motivate me to go out. It does seem to be going on an on at the moment and is becoming a bit tedious.

    BTW Hound dog I always floss (that was included in the time of the eating of the sandwich, I could give you my splits if you are really interested - Almost a world record!)
  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    Gawwwd, theres always one...lol. Have you tried a stick of gum, might get you onto the apple a bit quicker. Had a swim this morning, the sun is shining and my Trek beckons, and no Im not going to tell anyone my times etc [;)]
  • rj1265rj1265 Posts: 70
    Lucky Hound Dog - hope you enjoyed your ride... Its sunny outside and I am stuck in front of my Terminal [:(], I would rather be outside on my new bike .... but I have to work, If middleofhtepack is where he says he is then I am back of the pack.

    I agree 10Km run/jog to me is a hard training session whereas to some thats a light workout... but 85Km on the bike is cool for me and would be hard for others... (Me = 2.03m , 115 Kg in old money 6ft7" and 18stone trying for <110Kg and nearly 40 1st Year in Tri)

    I keep a log for myself & will admit to sometimes posting on 'that' thread....

  • hound doghound dog Posts: 293
    Got waylaid at bike shop, Asic rep there with his camera and treadmill to check peoples pronation. Seems like I have the right shoes, but will need different ones if I try a marathon!!!!

    I thought I was tall rj1265!!! are, itd be a good idea shed a few pounds for tri, itll help with your running.

    Ended up buying new pedals and shoes for bike groan...
  • rj1265rj1265 Posts: 70
    Hound Dog - Shedding a few pounds is Easier said than done ... when I train more I eat more, I am not fat (thighs like trees [:)] ) , I seem to keep losing fat and gaining muscle, therefore no weight loss.....

    I spend most of my time 'Base' training to burn fat (on the turbo), too hilly where I live to do that outside. Running at a pace around 9 minute miles on flatish ground keeps me just under 'the red zone', add a hill in and the HRM goes crazy [:)].. I think I am training correctly, the main thing is that I am enjoying it [:)]

    Happy training... 1st Sprint in 6 weeks -- looking forward to it with nervous excitement.
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